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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Beginnings of Fall in the Foyer

 Hello Friends!
Happy Lovely October!

 Autumn is here Ive barley put out my fall decor when today i received the new Romantic Homes Magazine in the mail and there was a picture of a gorgeous antique ball ornament wreath. Geez it kinda stressed me out im still working on making some velvet pumpkins and scarecrows. Honestly as soon as that magazine comes in the mail i stop what im doing to read it but today i didn't even open it :( certainly don't want to see Christmas stuff right now. So anyway i thought i'd hurry us and show ya some of the Fall Splendor thats going on in my Dining Room and Foyer ~ Enjoy..

Dining Room

ha really the only thing ive done so far is change the candlesticks to a pair of chocolate brown glittery candles and filled my ironstone with some fall Natural elements 

 things i love ~
 vintage clocks, gilded frames, bunnies, antique shell boxes and ironstone

 glittered pine cones fall berries ~ some Autumn love in an Ironstone tureen

 my house will never be perfect picture ready ~ my chairs are always askew and i just noticed the crooked lampshades. :) and where did my burlap runner go?


 Have you heard of Looking Glass Spray Paint??? My new fav product ~ those glass pumpkins were just clear when i bought them at a yard sale. Now thanks to Looking Glass Spray Paint Ive got TWO knock off Pottery Barn Mirror/Mercury glass pumpkins for less than 10 bucks!

 I loved this candle holder when i saw it and just had to have it @ Tuesday Morning. I keep it on my dining room table and change the scenery out with the change of seasons. funny but i don't think ive ever put a candle in it :)
All sorts of goodies nestled inside such as gourds, moss, a ceramic Bambi, glittered butterfly, and to no surprise to you I'm sure some bling ( broken vintage rhinestone jewelry oh ya and  I found a pair of large antique serving spoons monogram with my initials! How lucky is that!

Have a Happy October!

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