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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Glimps into my Booth

Hello Friends!
I realize its been awhile since I've shared pictures of my booth. I dropped off a couple of "new" things yesterday so I snapped a few photos. A lot of people have been asking for vintage decorative items to use to display on their porches / gardens so I've been working on some pretty cool stuff this week for outdoor decorating. Nothing is quite picture ready yet so make sure your checking my Facebook page for updates.
ok here is my booth at A Unique House Antique Mall ~ booth #33

Bright white vintage wooden ladder ~ I love decorating with these perfect for displaying potted plants and adding height to your porch vignettes
Perfect little 3 drawers chest painted also a bright white with a springy green cross added to the drawer fronts.
Do ya'll add mirrors to your porches? I do! A girl can never have to many mirrors. :) And what a wonderful way to reflect the sunlight. A covered porch may not be considered square footage in your home but for me it is a room that is used just as often as the living room. And that's how I decorate it, comfy and cozy and with plenty of architectural and decorative elements.

 That vibrant blue side table is only $45 and the Fantastic Farm Table is $550. This Farm Table is 6' long x 4' wide with 2 deep drawers and it is so versatile. I could see it being used as a large substantial desk or it would make a great craft table. For me, I used it as my dining table, for 10 years. I will be a little sad to see it go. I usually flip my pieces at home pretty often but this farm table has really stuck around for a long time.
Finally I came up with someway to display my lampshades. I LOVE recovering lampshades but they were always such a pain when it came to booth display. Now even though they're difficult to get to ( you'll have to ask for help from the mall staff) at least you can see all of them and the best part is now I have so much more room for more lampshades! so expect to see some fresh designs... very soon! Most of the shades are only $45 smaller ones usually around $25
This is the last Frenchy painted grainsack chair left only $95 goes swimmingly beside the 2 tiered French Graphic Antique Table.
Drop Leaf Table painted with a plaid design on top, all Annie Sloan Decorative Paint colors, is now 20% off original price was $150. This would be perfect for a covered or screened in porch. 
 The Graphite Frenchy China Cabinet ( to the left) is also now 20% off original price was $320 if you missed that post you can read about it here (lots more picture) 
Well there ya have it ~ a peek into my booth
I will be back at the antique mall on Friday revamping and adding new porch/ summer items. If your local stop by for a visit I'd love to see ya! And If you can't make it Friday the Mall is open everyday!
Now go and Enjoy this beautiful day we have been blessed with!
Until next time,

Friday, April 19, 2013

My before Bedroom

Hello Friends
and Happy Friday!
I've been in the decluttering mode and cleaning mode lately ~ due to my house being for sale.  Not so much for the potential buyers that are pass through my home but for the sheer fact that my house is full of junk my cherished belongings, and if I don't get rid of it now im going to have a whole lot of work to do when it does come time to pack up and move.
My bedroom has always been a work in progress ~ its just never been quite right.  I once heard Christopher Lowell (remember him) say something along the lines of ~ your bedroom should a place you love because its the first and last room you see everyday. Makes sense huh? Im making a vow right now that when I move my bedroom will be the first room I decorate and I want it dreamy and romantic with big fluffy pillows, sparkly chandeliers, ruffles, French furniture... ahhh its fun to dream but who am I kidding! I live with a fireman who would only complain a little on how I choose to decorate but he would totally ruin the vibe. I can see it now stinky man work boots atop my fluffy pillows that hes thrown on the floor! ok anyway ( I got a little off track)
What I really wanted to talk about today were the nightstands and the wall art I created ~ in my bedroom. we can call this post my before bedroom pics. When I move I have something totally different in mind.
You'll never guess what these ( there is a pair ) were before I revamped them... part of a garage door. I bought 3 LONG garage door panels at an estate sale not knowing what I was going to do with them. I love that look with the shutters on both sides of the bed so I tried to mimic it using the garage panels.
I cut them in half, painted the trim with Annie Sloans French Linen, then decoupage them using an old hymn book. Then not satisfied with just the book pages I continued to decoupage bits of this awesome silver mirrored roses scrapbook paper after that I added just a bit of tea stain just to kinda make it look a little bit more aged.
The Antique Sconces were given a fresh coat of Old White paint and i bought some really cool light bulbs to go with them ~ they flicker like candles.
I found the his and her crowns at Kirklands ~ <3
I still need something to go on the bottom half ~ any suggestions? I thought maybe a small decorative mirror, a photo, or a small chalkboard with a romantic quote hmmm???
Do you all put broaches on your pillows too? You wanna know where else you can stick a vintage pin... on a pillar candle , its a perfect way to display your treasures and to add a little bling.
and here is my sheet music angle wings.  You might recognize these from the Laplata Antique Show that I participated in ~ you can read about that here.
 Aren't these the most perfect thing to hang over a bed? It is a reminder that an angle is watching over me always.

So here is the before of the boring pair of thrift store nightstands. They are not antiques and I've seen them a million times before but I wanted a matching set of nightstands and at $20 for the pair I couldn't pass that up.



 I used Annie Sloan Decorative Chalk Paint Pure White for the base and top and then French Linen for the drawers and trim and also a little Palnoma here and there. Just clear wax on these nightstands.
 A hand painted design on the top  in French Linen to add some pizazz.
And here is my headboard also a thrift store find. Painted in the same colors as the nightstand.  Even though the style of the furniture is different, the fact that they are painted the same makes them blend together ~ I don't know it just works for me.
Ok im off to go declutter another room ~ maybe my craft room ha! that was funny that room is a disaster I'd rather go paint something!
Have a Fantastic Day!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lovely Spring Vignette

Hello friends!
And Hello Spring ~ Finally! What took you so Long? Never mind im glad you've arrived and brought with you all the lovely spring flowers, green grass, sprouting leaves, singing birds and warmer weather.


so I've revamped my home for the spring season ~ ya know the changing of the mantel d├ęcor , I've switched out my wine colored velvet curtains for panels of light airy cream linen, pulled out all my jadeite to display on top of my great great aunts county cupboard ~ jadeite always reminds me of spring to me it goes right along with birds nest and daffodils. Speaking of daffodils fresh flowers and flowering branches are everywhere ~ even in my kids rooms and bathrooms :)
So today instead of sharing another furniture makeover I thought I'd share a little spring vignette in my family room ~ Enjoy!
 Love the green chippy paint on this vintage box, I didn't do a thing to it other than clean it up. My firefighter couldn't understand why I wanted it when I spotted it at auction amougnst all the tools. And then after I got it for a dollar he thought hmm apparently no one else wanted it either. But in my mind its perfect and this is exactly how I envisioned it when I eyed it laying in the rubble of old rusty tools.
photo bomb ~ ya notice the little head peeking? he was completely engrossed in the Bubble Guppies I couldn't possible ask him to move.
Daffodils picked from my yard always add such drama to a room. Their vibrant yellow buds are always such a joy ya just can't help but to smile.
 Some of my favorite things ~
 I love antlers as you can see I have quite a collection and am always trying to add to it. My home is nestled in 100's of acres of woods and the deer are definitely a part of our daily lives. 
Vintage books ~ if you follow my work then you know I have a love affair with vintage books.  I love them to craft up wreaths, garland, flowers, I decoupage their pages onto walls ( in my booth) even furniture and they are a necessity for decorating.
Flower Frogs ~ seriously these are genius have you ever used them ? Aside from being vintage and cool they are a must for flower arranging.
I absolutely love Antique Linens/ doilies ~ I use them everywhere and when they get stained or torn I turn them into rag wreaths or dye them to give them new life.
Those super chic glass decorative balls/orbs are from the Christmas Tree Store and of coarse  my vignette wouldn't be complete without a birds nest.
If you can go pick those flowers and flowering branches and bring some happiness inside! Thanks for stopping by.
Have a Beautiful Day ~ Everyday

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Dresser deserving of her stripes

Hello Friends!

I think I can now add mixologist to my imaginary list of "yep I can do that".  I felt like I was back in my bartender days mixing up cocktails and experimenting with a lil of this and a lil of that trying to find that perfect combo. Yep I think I nailed it I loved all the Annie Sloans Decorative Chalk paint recipes that I came up with while designing this dresser.  I usually don't mix up a lot of paints when im working ~ my brush just gets dipped right into the can. So this was a lot of fun and what a great way to really get the most out of your ASCP.

 I used ASCP colors ~ Olive, Old White, Provence and for mixing purposes Graphite and Napoleonic Blue to come up with all these glorious colors used for this dresser.  I didn't write down any recipes and my memory is horrible !~ dang it!!

yeah I like to use stencils and I also love layering my painting techniques.  Crackling is becoming all the rage right now, instantly I believe it adds drama and a vintage appeal to a piece especially when your working with a newer piece of furniture (like this dresser) instead of an antique.

 isn't it lovely?!
The knobs got a coat of metallic spray paint.
I love these pictures the way the sunset is bouncing of the wax causing the dresser to sparkle!

 the detail of the dark wax that was applied all over is stunning! Since this was a newer piece of furniture ( I believe my client said it came from TJ Maxx years ago) I really wanted to give it an old vintage feel with a whole lot of character. And nothing adds the look of time worn love like some dark wax.

 the top was painted in Old White ~ although this picture is appears to be grey or blueish but its not.


Hope you enjoyed! sorry everyone this one is not for sale it was a furniture makeover for a customer ~ I know I loved it too and really want to do this technique and color choice on another dresser for myself! :) If your local to Southern Maryland and have a piece you too would like to have madeover just e-mail me  or message me on facebook ~ I'd love to create some beauty for you!

Have a fabulous Day ~ Everyday!

Sweeet Vintage Chifferobe

Hello Friends!

My more recent finished project is so super sweet I just couldn't wait to share it with the world!

A friend of mine whom also is an antique dealer bought an entire house filled with glorious "junk" well actually not all of it was junk but it all was extremely dirty. From what I gathered this house sat vacant for approximately 10 years aside from the teenagers who visited often ~ uninvited. I am really surprised the antiques survived those kids. So anyway I got to go and pick out some pieces of furniture and one of the pieces I chose was this Chifferobe. I've had a couple chifferobes in my time and I've always just painted them white. Which is beautiful (not very creative), especially since most people use these in nursery's or children's room white seems appropriate.  But lately I just can't seem to paint anything just white.

So tell me what you think are you loven the Antique Chifferobe as much as I am?

 Painted with Annie Sloans Decorative Chalk Paint ~ the shell is painted in Old White and the mirrored door front, side mirror, and the drawer fronts were painted in Palnoma.

The original hardware was given a bath and put right back on the drawers.

 just to give it a bit of feminine interest I added 3 wooden shabby chic appliques.

Did you Notice the sides are stenciled? they remind me of little mini chandeliers. I did an allover stencil with Martha Stewarts metallic silver craft paint which was really pretty but it seemed just to bold for me even after distressing it so I then used a whitewash with ASCP Pure White and covered all of the stenciled sides. and wow did that do the trick now it in a way reminds me of muted vintage wallpaper.  How chic!
A lastly I applied clear and dark wax over the entire piece.


I delivered this Chifferobe to my booth at A Unique House Antique Mall , (located in King George, Virginia) yesterday. Here's a picture of her all nested in her new home, for now, looking ever so sweet!

Thanks for letting me share my projects with you! And don't forget you can always visit my facebook page for more pictures.

Have a Blessed Day ~ Everyday!


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