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Friday, April 19, 2013

My before Bedroom

Hello Friends
and Happy Friday!
I've been in the decluttering mode and cleaning mode lately ~ due to my house being for sale.  Not so much for the potential buyers that are pass through my home but for the sheer fact that my house is full of junk my cherished belongings, and if I don't get rid of it now im going to have a whole lot of work to do when it does come time to pack up and move.
My bedroom has always been a work in progress ~ its just never been quite right.  I once heard Christopher Lowell (remember him) say something along the lines of ~ your bedroom should a place you love because its the first and last room you see everyday. Makes sense huh? Im making a vow right now that when I move my bedroom will be the first room I decorate and I want it dreamy and romantic with big fluffy pillows, sparkly chandeliers, ruffles, French furniture... ahhh its fun to dream but who am I kidding! I live with a fireman who would only complain a little on how I choose to decorate but he would totally ruin the vibe. I can see it now stinky man work boots atop my fluffy pillows that hes thrown on the floor! ok anyway ( I got a little off track)
What I really wanted to talk about today were the nightstands and the wall art I created ~ in my bedroom. we can call this post my before bedroom pics. When I move I have something totally different in mind.
You'll never guess what these ( there is a pair ) were before I revamped them... part of a garage door. I bought 3 LONG garage door panels at an estate sale not knowing what I was going to do with them. I love that look with the shutters on both sides of the bed so I tried to mimic it using the garage panels.
I cut them in half, painted the trim with Annie Sloans French Linen, then decoupage them using an old hymn book. Then not satisfied with just the book pages I continued to decoupage bits of this awesome silver mirrored roses scrapbook paper after that I added just a bit of tea stain just to kinda make it look a little bit more aged.
The Antique Sconces were given a fresh coat of Old White paint and i bought some really cool light bulbs to go with them ~ they flicker like candles.
I found the his and her crowns at Kirklands ~ <3
I still need something to go on the bottom half ~ any suggestions? I thought maybe a small decorative mirror, a photo, or a small chalkboard with a romantic quote hmmm???
Do you all put broaches on your pillows too? You wanna know where else you can stick a vintage pin... on a pillar candle , its a perfect way to display your treasures and to add a little bling.
and here is my sheet music angle wings.  You might recognize these from the Laplata Antique Show that I participated in ~ you can read about that here.
 Aren't these the most perfect thing to hang over a bed? It is a reminder that an angle is watching over me always.

So here is the before of the boring pair of thrift store nightstands. They are not antiques and I've seen them a million times before but I wanted a matching set of nightstands and at $20 for the pair I couldn't pass that up.



 I used Annie Sloan Decorative Chalk Paint Pure White for the base and top and then French Linen for the drawers and trim and also a little Palnoma here and there. Just clear wax on these nightstands.
 A hand painted design on the top  in French Linen to add some pizazz.
And here is my headboard also a thrift store find. Painted in the same colors as the nightstand.  Even though the style of the furniture is different, the fact that they are painted the same makes them blend together ~ I don't know it just works for me.
Ok im off to go declutter another room ~ maybe my craft room ha! that was funny that room is a disaster I'd rather go paint something!
Have a Fantastic Day!!

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