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Thursday, February 28, 2013

LaPlata Antique Show

Good Morning!

Its gorgeous outside the sun is shinning and its suppose to reach 60 degrees today <3 its funny how the weather totally effects my mood ~ are you like that too?

Chair spring nestled in a painted terra cotta dish with a nest filled with sheet music egg, pearls,moss and paper roses

As promised a couple of days ago, I wanted to tell ya all about the latest Antique show that i did ~ the LaPlata Highschool Antique Show. I absolutely love setting up for shows, if you follow me on Pintrest then you've probably seen my shop ideas board.  Its all about displays ~ one of if not the most favorite aspect of this business , I LOVE DISPLAYS and booth set up I love seeing the creative innovative ways dealers show off their finds/inventory. Really its all about the displays isn't that what draws you in to a space or keeps you coming back for more? Even if you don't realize it ~ it promotes a feeling. Most of us are visual people if we like what we see with out eyes then we want to touch with our hands and then fall in love with our hearts. :)   I hope you fall in love with my displays ~ although i must say we (ME and Brenda frm Time and Again Antiques) decided to participate in the Laplata show literally a week before the show so there wasn't much of any elements of surprise here i was more like a robot just doing what needed to be done to have furniture ready in a week.

 Iron Bistro Set all chippy and sweet~ covered in Waverly fabric

 Super Cool Vintage Fireplace Mantel
My firefighter placed corrugated tin on the inside ~ really gave it sort of an industrial feel and the tin  is magnetic so you can hang love notes, pictures, quotes or whatever.

 Me and my antique books I just can't get enough of them

 Art deco dresser didn't Sell that day it is currently at my booth in A Unique House Antique Mall waiting for a new home. I painted it with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old White and Napoleonic Blue then finished it off with clear and dark waxes. It was so shinny I just loved the way it sparkled under the florescent lights in the gynasiuam.

Shows are typically really busy early , everyone wants to get first dibs on the goods and of coarse i was still moving things around so i didn't get pictures. before i knew it we were slammed so there was so much i didn't get photos of.


 How bout that AWESOME Victorian Parlor Sofa!!! The above pic is a close up of the beautiful carved rose detail on the sofa. Painted in ASCP Old white.

Grey Toile covered Victorian Chairs, ironstone, and a early recovered footstool what more could ya ask for?

 sorry these pictures are a bit yellowish from the reflection of the gym floor plus they were taken with my phone. :(

 Handpainted Stenciled drop leaf primitive table w/ matching chairs in yummy turquoise

Old window is now a chalkboard and magnetic board with loads of charm!

And Lastly antique sheet music angle wings ~ these did not sell either and I've decided they look absolutely perfect hanging above my bed at home so for now I'm gonna have to keep them. But i do plan on making another pair for the shop so expect to see them soon.
Also we had a pair of antique iron candelabras and an late 1800's gorgeous round oak frame  that we converted into a chalkboard. 

I just love doing show and am already planning for my next one.

Have a Fantastic Day ~ Everyday!

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andi said...

OMG ITS love that sofa!


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