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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paper Roses and Shop pics

Hello Friends!

Valentines Day is almost here so Roses are on my mind. but being as fugal as i am i would never spend 80 bucks on a dozen roses that die in a week, i want something that will last a long while ( or at least till my one yr old gets a hold of it). Ive been in aww over all the gorgeous fabric and paper flowers in blogworld. I mean some of them are just as lovely or even better that the real thing! So I just had to try my hand at some, in honor of Valentines Day i chose to try Book Pages Roses sprinkled with lots of clear glitter. They were a little time consuming but o so worth it!

simply stunning  paired with a silver pitcher and tray

I decided to share the love and took a dozen to my space at Time n Again antiques ~ they are for sale for $4.00 a stem.  while i was there i snapped a few pics of my area. I have to admit ive been slackn a bit ~ its just to darn cold to try to work in the garage! Anyway my space need some tlc but  It was really late last night and i had my lil helper with me ( who was very clingy) so i didn't get to fluff it up as much.  Awww just not enough time in the day. I hope you enjoy the pictures and it inspires you in some way!
Just added the chocolate ruffles and sequin pillow
handcrafted bench on sale ( for a limited time)!!
dreamy whites

it was practically impossible to get a pic without something astray (notice the creamer w/lid on the floor).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where are your pretties?

Hello friends!

Every girl has little special trinkets and treasures. Happy Little reminders of memories gone by~ maybe a thoughtful unexpected gift, an awesome shopping trip, a holiday or vacation, a loved one that's passed, Jewels that just make ya feel pretty :)

Where are your memories and all your pretties stored?

oh yes all the storage!!

a bit of chalk paint and a vintage rhinestones broach gives this box a new life

I love this aqua ish color jewelry box it even plays beautiful music!

chocolate brown, pale blue and a glittered bird ~ oh la la!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Altered Candles

Hello Everyone!

I was finally able to forcefully pull myself away from pintrest long enough to finish up some Altered Prayer candles. Im so glad that i did cause it was so relaxing to sit next to the fireplace with my glass of wine and just create beauty. Im loven the way they came to be. I hope you enjoy them also! :)

two lovely angels ~ a fabulous way to reuse cards from loved ones ( thanks mom)

doilies, keys, costume jewelry, paper flowers = love

love using keys and old charms

my fav ~ vintage sheet music crochet cross tinsel and some rhinestone bling!

faux pearls, a broach, and burlap what eles do ya need?

beaded trim, a dancing vintage print, ribbon, black trim :)

a little burlap, lace, rosette and vintage buttons

Saturday, January 21, 2012

clock face coffee table

  Hello Friends!

My how time flies~ ive been busy busy crafting all week. Its just been to darn cold to try to paint anything in the garage lately. So ive been catching up on some projects that ive been procrastinating with. nothing picture worthy yet but lots of eye candy for later!
What i do want to share w/you today is an awesome drop leaf coffee table that i hand painted.  I used Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue and Old White paint with both the dark and clear wax. I handpainted a clock face on the top with Romen Numerals.  I think it turned out really pretty. I tried to keep it but my lil helper was obsessed with pulling up and then putting down the drop leafs~ it was driving me crazy. though thats good news for you cause my clock face coffee table is for sale at Time n Again antiques in Waldorf Right NOW!!! Ok are you ready for a peek???!!!        Drum roll please........

There he is my lil helper who always ends up in a pic!

do ya like?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My first before and after project of 2012

I have a pretty big kitchen layout but NO counter space. Its horrible! whenever I'm cooking  i feel like its a workout ~ having to walk 1/2 mile to get to the sink to the stove- just ridiculous. I was in desperate need of an island to break things up and give me more counter space. Since a kitchen remodel isn't in the budget right now. I've settled for an antique library table???/ counsel table?? Hall Table?? Server??? whatever the correct term may be. 

Anyway got it @ a yard sale for 10 bucks, even got a little bit of history w/it. Its been in the same family here in Southern Maryland passed down from generations~ why they "gave" it away @a yard sale i don't know but it was my lucky day.  it was a little rough around the edges but all easy fixes ~just time consuming and again since it was my lucky day my pops ( just happened to be staying w/me that weekend) stripped all the peeling veneer off the top! Wow thanks DAD!!!  Here's my before pic:

My ever so awesome dad hard at work

That veneer was really stuck on there! Yikes!!

Can you see the potential!! Its the perfect height, got a drawer, a bottom shelf sturdy enough for my lil helper to crawl/sit/jump on. :) and just the right size for my kitchen.  Oh how i couldn't wait to have it completed!
Once the prep work was done.... hummmm decisions decisions how to finish it??
I decided to go for a dark stained top {walnut miniwax} with 3 coats of poly
and my new fav color Annie Sloans Chalk Paint ~ Aubusson Blue for the bottom and then the dark wax to protect it. I love the way the dark wax really makes the blue look soooo rich. If you've shopped at my booth in A Unique House Antique Mall lately you'll know just how much i love that Aubusson blue!
So what do ya think???

I'm not satisfied with these Vintage Glass Knobs as beautiful as they are i think i want something with more sparkle and piazzas.
My pics are getting a bit better huh? Ive got alot to learn.

and of coarse my lil helper is right by my side
Our 7 month old lab wouldn't get out of the pics ~ do ya see her posing??

I still need to find some fabulous sparkly knobs for the drawer and I'm also looking for the coolest vintage inspired towel rack / hook to hang on the side, and i think I'm even gonna get a butcher block top eventually.  but for now here she is perfectly perfect in my kitchen.

Happy Day to You~ Everyday,

Hello 2012

Hello friends!
 Happy New Year its gonna be a great one I can feel it in my bones ( i dont know why people say that). I read on facebook someone stated that the first 12 days of the new year are a good indication on how the rest of the year will be.  Geez i hope thats not true~ cause although its been relaxing... boy have i been lazy!! Well besides the fact that its FREEziNg here in Southern Maryland and working in the garage (aka the office) is out of the question, i just cant seem to get much done. I do however have some crafty things to share and some recent pictures of the shop.

O YA! Guess what!!??? Santa heard my wishes!!! 
As you can imagine I was ecstatic when I opened my Christmas Present to find a Cannon rebel EOS T3 Camera AND a Ef 75-300mm lens AND an awesome bag to store it all in. My Firefighter ( Santa) is the BEST!  So I haven't figured out all the magic my new camera can do yet, but even on manual settings it takes much better pics than my other camera.  Im really excited to learn all about photography and to share some of my vision and hopefully soon some breathtaking photos with you!
A naked Vintage lampshade frame still draped in all its tattered twine with the coolest vintage inspired light bulb (frm Lowes). I hung it in a corner above my sideboard  with one of those light kits. so cool reminds me of Restoration Hardward lighting.
green glittered birdy frm Christmas probably will be here forever ( i know she missing some of her beak... well that just the way things are here now my lil helper loves anything glittery!
this is my ruffled tree pillow inspired by Girl in Pink ~ love that blog!  (Amanda's  turned out much prettier~ maybe ill try again next year)
my booth @ A Unique House Antiques Mall. Sold alot over the Holidays my space is looking a bit sparse!
Notice that awesome China Cabinet! Its painted with my flav of the month Annie Sloans Chalk paint ~ Aubusson Blue and Old White with a Dark wax over top. I just love the way it turned out!

 my space @ Time N Again Antiques in Waldorf, Md.
Before Christmas

my firefighters first bench~ he built from an antique bed. Great JOb Love!!

well thats it for today,  I hope you were inspired!

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Have a Great Day ~ everyday!


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