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Friday, June 7, 2013

ExcItInG NeWs!!!

Hello Friends!

Well I just can't contain myself any longer! If you follow me on facebook then you've probably picked up on some of the hints ive been tossing out there but I haven't officially announced my EXCITING NEWS , until today!

Ok are ya ready?

I am one of the fortunate vendors that get to be a part of the new and Fabulous

multi vendor antique shop located in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
A beautiful Plantation House that dates back to the 1800's. Being restored by Cheryl Roy and her lovely family. She has litterly saved this beauty ~ couldn't believe it when I heard that it was on the verge of being destroyed. Oh and a Beauty it is! My pictures do this grand home no justice you'll just have to come and check it out for yourself. And if your not local well don't worry I plan on always bringing my camera with me everytime im there. ( although I really need to get a wide lense...hint hint, firefighter are you reading this?)
 Before and after
and as you can see work is still being done
Its only going to get better and better!

Yesterday I began moving some furniture in ~ so exciting I absolutely love my room! Yep that's right a room! a whole room which includes a drop dead gorgeous fireplace! Original hardcarved corbels, intricate chunky moldings.  ahhhhh :) can't ya tell how excited I am?!
I hate to spoil, I really wanted to wait until my room was decorated but I just couldn't put off any longer on sharing Tattered Elegance's new home with y'all!
Do you remember that shelf in the corner from my previous post? I used Bordello paint color from American Paint Company. Deep Creek Vintage is a retailer of this amazing chalk/clay/mineral based paint. You'll be able to buy yourself some paint and create your own masterpiece. And if you would like some guidance DCV will also provide workshops to teach you all the tricks.
Two incredible windows ~ as of right now im baffled on how to dress them.
And that mantel I've dreamed of what to display on it and honestly ive hit a wall with that right now too I kinda feel like it needs to stand alone and shine in all its glory ~ at least for now :)
Opps I forgot to bring a few of the light bulbs for the chandelier.
Be sure to check back later this week for more details on that Settee it was the first time I painted upholstery so im going to share a mini tutorial.
The grand opening is tentatively scheduled for June 22 ish.
Until then I am still selling at A Unique House Antique Mall booth #33 and I will also be participating in a Show in Richmond NEXT WEEKEND!
got to go Busy Busy!!
Hope to see you soon!
Have a Fabulous Day ~ Everyday!


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