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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello Friends!

What a fabulous weekend i had! Saturday we had our monthly outdoor sale at A Unique House Antique Mall. It was the first time Ive participated and now I'm sad i haven't been setting up during the previous months~ boy was i missing out!. I love mingling with the customers and meeting new friends that share the same interest as me. And a the while while i was "working" my booth i actually walked away with my pockets full! Wow people like my junk! :) After though a very exhausting day of loading and unloading the truck I still managed to come up with a Halloween costume and take my 2 year old to my sisters Halloween party. Good times~ Gabriel (2yr old) was a bit scared of the erry decorations. My sis can really throw a party her decor is off the hook. I'm sure she will blog about so if ya have a min check her out shes also got fantastic recipes to drool over! Finally Sunday was Action Day!! Again another long and exhausting day but i got some really cool treasures! Can't wait to share them all with ya! But for today i wanted to show off my first ever ....


isnt she lovley!

hard to tell with these pics but i applied a silver painted viney stencil on the front drop down and up and down the sides. Its not super noticable but gives it a beautiful shimmer when the light hits it.

three drawers w/ original hardware

lots of room to put a cool vintage typewriter or even your laptop

I used a custom mix of ASCP Old white and a grey opps paint from Lowes. And then accented it with just straight Old White. Clear and dark (in some spots) Wax all over

 look at those cute claw & ball feet!

 all kinds of cubbies for your love letters :)

hope you enjoyed yourself have a fabulous day ~ everyday!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

French Provincial Painted w/ Napoleonic Blue

Hello Friends!

Im dying to show you my latest finished creation! I have a whole garage jam packed full of half finished projects so when something is actually complete and ready to either go inside or to the shop its exhilarating! I love to be able to sit back and think yeah I'm done and it looks awesome!

So without any further ado here he is ( def a dude cause this is one huge solid piece of furniture, even thought its a bit curvy its def a dude)


What a gorgeous piece of vintage furniture! I was so lucky to have found it.   It was in great condition structurally i didn't have to do anything to it. These French Provincial piece made by Drexel called Touraine were just so well made i swear i think that they were made to last forever!
Painted w/ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
the interior is the scrumptous  Napoleonic Blue
the exterior is painted in the Creamy Soft Old White
Clear and dark wax ( only in corners to highlight details) were also applied to add protection and that velvety sheen.

Napoleonic Blue painted original hardware and touches of Gold added
Drexel produced a stunning french provincial furniture set from the mid 1950s through the mid 1960s called Touraine which is still quite popular today.  Drexel designed both a bedroom set and a dining set in this series.  The furniture was inspired by the curvy lines classically found in Louis XV furniture which became popular during the period of 1730 to 1775. 
You can read more here.

 woa check out those curves! See the Gold ? ~ its rub-n-buff wax ~ LOVE IT! its way cheaper than gilding waxes ( although i am going to have to try those also!) and so easy to apply. What a shine it give off ~ so Hollywood Glam!!

 He was missing (what i assume was probably glass) shelves, instead of having glass shelves cu,t i went ahead and asked my firefighter to cut me wood shelves instead ~ personally i like the wood better ~ for a couple of reasons= im a klutz and glass scars me, wood doesn't show greasy fingerprints or dust, and i think it looks richer, thicker, sturdier. my firefighter even broke out the router and made the rounded edges ~ what a guy!

 I did not use the dark wax the inside the lower cabinets.  You can really tell how the dark wax transforms the color it really takes on a whole new look.

 All that Gorgeous carved details ~ i detailed it all in French Linen and dark wax and then distressed it,,, so pretty!

 There he is before he was all glammed up ~ still sporting that 60's ish yellow and hideous gold bad paint job and as much as i love the original hardware it was definitely i need of a face lift ~ it was just soooo outdated!

Ive listed this on Craigslist for $450 - we'll see what happens. Besides my Baby grand Piano this is my first listing.  I'm getting ready to put this beauty in my sitting room and i can't wait to decorate it but i bet I'm going to fall even more in love w/ it and then someone will want to buy it.  I guess that is one of the perks of this business ~ is that I'll get to fix up another piece and fall in love all over again!

Thanks for letting me share my creations with you!
Have a Glorious Day ~ Everyday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chaise Lounge Love

Hello Friends!

This morning I'm a total procrastinator! I don't wanna do the things that need to be done so I'm going to throw myself into blog world for about an hour or two :) Nothing is wrong w/that, right? I'm still Inspiring (kinda) and that's one of my goals everyday is to at least inspire someone.

A while back i recovered a chaise Lounge chair that was destine for the burn pile. Actually  i was literally  carrying  it to the huge pile of stacked up fallen trees when  I realized that it completely broke down i mean it was able to unscrew the whole thing into separate pieces. So i thought how easy it would be to recover it it would be just like doing seat covers and Ive probably done 100's of those so I'm pretty good at that. Ya this will be a piece of cake! So back to the garage it went and my mind was going crazy on what fabric i would use. I knew that i wanted to do it sort of Gypsy Style ~ ya know lots of different trims and textures and a mixture of fabrics. finally i got a vision and off to work i go! 

I had this Coral color Burlap that i was just dying to use ~ but i had nothing to match.  After a trip to JoAnns, i came home with this gorgeous Ralph Lauren Floral fabric that went perfect w/ my coral burlap. I'm super cheap and it was kinda expensive so i only bought 2 yards and figured it would be more of an accent fabric. I still needed one more fabric something w/ a unique texture, I was thinking something like a quilt. then it dawned on me how bout that matlesae bedspread that is just hanging out in my linen closet. Yep that was it the missing piece it coordinated w/ the Floral decorator fabric and the nubby burlap perfectly!

Its  been lounging in the shop for about 3 months now and honestly I'm surprised no one has snatched it up. I thought it is reasonably priced at $285.  Especially considering the time invested and all that scrumptous trim!
Since the shop is closing in 2 weeks and i have no room right now in my booth @ A Unique House Antique Mall and i know if i bring it home my dogs will try to sleep on it or my 2 year old may decided it needs to be painted so taking it home is not an option. 
With a heavy heart i have marked it WAY down ~ 50% off!!!  So if your local and interested stop on by to Time-N-Again Antiques in Waldorf,MD  and give this beauty a new home!

Have a Lovely Autumn day!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My October Booth

Hello Friends!

Are you ready for some pictures??

I was hoping to participate in a couple of Antique shows/Markets this Fall but for different reasons non of them worked out so ive got quite an abundance of Furniture finished and ready to be sold, just hanging out in my garage office.  Slowly but surely im able to move stuff into my booth at A Unique House Antique Mall. Yesterday i brought in some goodies and i realize its been a while since ive shown some shop pics so i hope you enjoy this eye candy that im about to share with ya!

 my Tattered Elegance Booth

 French Cacao Graphic hand painted coffee table

 Fantastic Oak Table ~ it pulls out and then up pops a leaf from under the table how convenient and cleaver no need to store your table leaf anywhere. It expands to 5'! Its painted with a Lowes opps yellow paint on the bottom with a dark wax applied. And the top is painted w/ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in OLD white with a clear and dark wax~ to give it that rustic splendor!

 do ya like my centerpiece ~ a Galvanized Chicken Feeder filled with Natural Fall sticks and straw flowers

 French Style Cane Back Chairs painted in the dreamy ASCP Old white with French Linen accents and covered in a Lovely Roses Fabric by Waverly. 

 Ruffled Curtains are one of my most recent Favs! I only wish my sewing machine didn't hate me cause otherwise id whip up a dozen of these!
I mean really could they be any more feminine and romantic?
That rocker you see w/ the big fat cabbage roses--- only $75 and an additional 20% off!!

 Most of my plates are $4 and under! Great for mosaics or for wall hangings
 notice those Fleur di Lis on this Adorable Side Chair? I used a vintage needlepoint pillow that was all tattered to recover the seat. It was a perfect fit like it was always meant to be.
 sweet county cottage Vintage Washstand. Shhhh don't tell its a surprise ~ when you peek inside your welcome by this scrumptious Teal color that i mixed up myself! I just love that hidden pop of color on the inside of pieces. Makes me smile every time! I know~ Corney, but true :) 
 Primitive Dry Sink

 Chalkboard on the bottom Cork board on top! Fantastic Message Board

 Im so loven this Gate Leg Table. When i got it , it was already a beautiful dark stain kinda even alittle chippy (just the way i like it). All i needed to do was give it a nice clean velvety smooth Top and Annie Sloan in Old White did the trick!

on another note, if your local ~ My booth #33 is ALL on SALE!! everything unless marked down even more is 20% off!!
Also we are having our outside sale this weekend and I will be there with TONS of glassware and fixer upper furniture~ so stop on by and say Hi!

Until Then Have a Splendid Autumn Day!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabric Pumpkins and Skulls

Hello My Friends!

Just thought id fill ya in on a major event thats happening around here in my Tattered Elegance world.

 The shop Time N Again antiques that im a dealer in, has decided to close its doors :(  ~~ Its so sad and so very scary. I guess in a way its kinda like i just lost my job! Im still in Booth #33 @ A Unique House Antiques Mall but honestly thats just for fun not a whole lot of cash flow going on there.  So im going to try some different venues I might participate in some local antique shows, maybe open an online store, possibly a couple times a year host a "barn" sale, and who knows maybe something magical will happen and i'll open my very own brick and mortar store! We'll see, but ya know the saying right~ that when one door closes another one opens. And Im a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and usually God has something better out there for me ( i am very anxious to know what that is though).  So right now im trying to stay open to any opportunities that come my way and to keep myself excited about waking up everyday to the possibility that await me!

I am so thankful!
ok ok

 enough of that ~ check out some of the stuff ive made lately!


 see my lil pumpkin in the back cheesing?

 I saved 3 stems from last years pumpkin's. Using a real stem really makes a difference. 

 I also am in the process of "making" these Oak Tree Chargers. And im also going to make a few cake stands out of these. So cool don't ya think they bring the outdoors in and bring a natural rustic touch to your table setting~ really its not like you can go to walmart and buy these. (at least i haven't seen them)  I'll be sure to share some pics when im done.

 My Pumpkin Patch

I was planning on crafting a whole bunch of these~ but dang these little suckers are time consuming! But they did turn out really pretty. I was lucky enough to find a parson chair slipcover in the most perfect orange fabric (it kinda feels like velvet) at the thrift store for 2 bucks! I was able to put together 7 pumpkins and even had enough fabric left over to make some fabric rosettes for a wreath.
 And yep they are for sale but hurry cause i only put 2 at the shop.

 would you believe these skulls were from the dollar store?
I spray painted them a metallic silver adorned them with some super cute paper hats (made from toilet paper holders), feathers and a crape paper collar and we can't forget the bling for thier eyeballs.  I drilled a hole in the bottom suck a dowel in there and poped them up on a wooden candle base holder. Viola unique Halloween decor!

 Mirrored Glass Pumpkins

Pottery Barn inspired mercury glass pumpkins.  Looking glass spray paint is one of my new favorite products! So easy you just spray on the inside of any clear glass and it dries to a faux mirror finish.  My wheels are turning with all the Christmas decorations i can make with Looking Glass spray paint!

There just so many projects to make and not enough time in the day!  Have you seen my pinterest board? So much inspiration out there! I wish i had time to make everything that ive pinned!  Its hard to just choose a few projects.

Happy crafting


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