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Thursday, October 18, 2012

French Provincial Painted w/ Napoleonic Blue

Hello Friends!

Im dying to show you my latest finished creation! I have a whole garage jam packed full of half finished projects so when something is actually complete and ready to either go inside or to the shop its exhilarating! I love to be able to sit back and think yeah I'm done and it looks awesome!

So without any further ado here he is ( def a dude cause this is one huge solid piece of furniture, even thought its a bit curvy its def a dude)


What a gorgeous piece of vintage furniture! I was so lucky to have found it.   It was in great condition structurally i didn't have to do anything to it. These French Provincial piece made by Drexel called Touraine were just so well made i swear i think that they were made to last forever!
Painted w/ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
the interior is the scrumptous  Napoleonic Blue
the exterior is painted in the Creamy Soft Old White
Clear and dark wax ( only in corners to highlight details) were also applied to add protection and that velvety sheen.

Napoleonic Blue painted original hardware and touches of Gold added
Drexel produced a stunning french provincial furniture set from the mid 1950s through the mid 1960s called Touraine which is still quite popular today.  Drexel designed both a bedroom set and a dining set in this series.  The furniture was inspired by the curvy lines classically found in Louis XV furniture which became popular during the period of 1730 to 1775. 
You can read more here.

 woa check out those curves! See the Gold ? ~ its rub-n-buff wax ~ LOVE IT! its way cheaper than gilding waxes ( although i am going to have to try those also!) and so easy to apply. What a shine it give off ~ so Hollywood Glam!!

 He was missing (what i assume was probably glass) shelves, instead of having glass shelves cu,t i went ahead and asked my firefighter to cut me wood shelves instead ~ personally i like the wood better ~ for a couple of reasons= im a klutz and glass scars me, wood doesn't show greasy fingerprints or dust, and i think it looks richer, thicker, sturdier. my firefighter even broke out the router and made the rounded edges ~ what a guy!

 I did not use the dark wax the inside the lower cabinets.  You can really tell how the dark wax transforms the color it really takes on a whole new look.

 All that Gorgeous carved details ~ i detailed it all in French Linen and dark wax and then distressed it,,, so pretty!

 There he is before he was all glammed up ~ still sporting that 60's ish yellow and hideous gold bad paint job and as much as i love the original hardware it was definitely i need of a face lift ~ it was just soooo outdated!

Ive listed this on Craigslist for $450 - we'll see what happens. Besides my Baby grand Piano this is my first listing.  I'm getting ready to put this beauty in my sitting room and i can't wait to decorate it but i bet I'm going to fall even more in love w/ it and then someone will want to buy it.  I guess that is one of the perks of this business ~ is that I'll get to fix up another piece and fall in love all over again!

Thanks for letting me share my creations with you!
Have a Glorious Day ~ Everyday!

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