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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello Friends!

What a fabulous weekend i had! Saturday we had our monthly outdoor sale at A Unique House Antique Mall. It was the first time Ive participated and now I'm sad i haven't been setting up during the previous months~ boy was i missing out!. I love mingling with the customers and meeting new friends that share the same interest as me. And a the while while i was "working" my booth i actually walked away with my pockets full! Wow people like my junk! :) After though a very exhausting day of loading and unloading the truck I still managed to come up with a Halloween costume and take my 2 year old to my sisters Halloween party. Good times~ Gabriel (2yr old) was a bit scared of the erry decorations. My sis can really throw a party her decor is off the hook. I'm sure she will blog about so if ya have a min check her out shes also got fantastic recipes to drool over! Finally Sunday was Action Day!! Again another long and exhausting day but i got some really cool treasures! Can't wait to share them all with ya! But for today i wanted to show off my first ever ....


isnt she lovley!

hard to tell with these pics but i applied a silver painted viney stencil on the front drop down and up and down the sides. Its not super noticable but gives it a beautiful shimmer when the light hits it.

three drawers w/ original hardware

lots of room to put a cool vintage typewriter or even your laptop

I used a custom mix of ASCP Old white and a grey opps paint from Lowes. And then accented it with just straight Old White. Clear and dark (in some spots) Wax all over

 look at those cute claw & ball feet!

 all kinds of cubbies for your love letters :)

hope you enjoyed yourself have a fabulous day ~ everyday!!

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