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Sunday, September 22, 2013

So Elegant ~ Vintage China Cabinet

Hello Friends and Happy Fall!

Today is the official first day of Autumn ~ doesn't that just put a smile on your face. :)

I'm very anxious to show you the China Cabinet I recently finished. You may have already scene it via Facebook, Pinterest or on the American Paint Co.'s blog ~ I was featured last week on their Facebook Friday post.

Painted in American Paint Company's wonderful Chalk, clay and mineral 100% natural paint. I used a creamy white named Home Plate and one of my new favorite colors a soft sage green named Liberty.

Stripes grace the sides in two shades of green. A tip to adding interest to a piece but still keeping it neutral, try adding tone on tone stripes.
Stripes can give instant drama to a piece of furniture.

  Embellished with Gold accents. I used Rub n buff ~ Grecian Gold, for all the raised moldings/ trims. Gold and Metallic are so HOT right now and im loven it. It really can make a piece so elegant , so chic!


I loved the original hardware it only needed to be cleaned up a bit and polished with Gold Rub n Buff.

I also added Vintage Music sheets from an old Hymn church book. I simply decoupage the sheet music onto my cabinet. These were already "yellowed" but I did decided to go ahead and scuff them up by sanding them and applying a dark wax along the edges. I was trying to achieve a look of old torn wallpaper.

To see this beauty in person ~~
you can go to Deep Creek Vintage
we are open 7 days a week

Have a glorious Fall day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

French Provencial Dining Chairs

Hello Friends!
3 consecutive days of blog post ~ I'm on a roll!
You may have already scene these if you follow me on Facebook , but I wanted to share some more detailed pictures ,especially if your not local and can't make it to Deep Creek Vintage to see them in person.
French Provincial Dining Chairs
Painted in American Paint Company's Home Plate, slightly distressed and clear waxed to a gorgeous shine.
I used a trio of  coordinating fabrics and embellished with plenty of rich elegant trim.
A coral color Burlap, a multi colored strip consisting of soft greens, yellow, pinks, and a luscious cabbage Roses mixed with other florals in a Waverly Fabric, complete this pair of French Arm Chairs.
Even though there are 2 different sets of arm chairs they work well together. They are both French Provincial style with canning and I painted them all in the same color and upholstered them in all the same coordinating fabrics.
**And here they are looking fabulous in my Room at Deep Creek Vintage**

My room at Deep Creek Vintage located in Spotsylvania, Virginia

Tomorrow I plan on showing you some detailed pictures and even a before picture of that Art Deco China Cabinet you see in the above picture ~ so be sure to check back tomorrow
Also If your local to Virginia ~~~ Mark your calendars now!
 Deep Creek's Vintage Therapy Market and Grand Opening Celebration!!!
October 12 -13
Cover Photo
Have a wonderful day ~ Everyday!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Faux Sunflowers and Autumn Mantel Decor

Hello Friends!

The coffee is especially yummy this morning! Maybe its because of the cool crisp breeze flowing through the windows. Oh how I do love the change of seasons. So I thought it only appriopiate that I would share with you today a Fall Project.

Faux Sunflowers on a Spring

I can not claim this awesome idea as my own, It was something I just happen to skim across on Pinterest. Not sure if I was searching for Autumn Inspired crafts or Faux Flowers (which I love!) but anyway I was lucky to have found these Super Pretty Grungy Sunflowers from Libbie's Home blog. You can look at Libbie's Home page HERE she also gives a great tutorial on how to create your own. I ran with her wonderful creation and kinda tweaked it to my own style and this is what I came up with.
It was really easy, but ya know like with most crafts very time consuming.
The springs came from an antique parlor sofa that im in the process of recovering ~ not a fun job I might add.
**  I made myself a sunflower petal template and proceeded to cut out different sized petals in various fabrics and layered them atop each other  with a dab of hot glue in between each layer , until I achieved the fullness I was looking for.
 **  I took a shortcut for the middle seed pod of my Sunflower ~ instead of trying to create a center for my flowers I repurposed the center from some cheesy artificial sunflowers purchased at the Dollar Store. I even reused a few of the leaves.
Cute huh? I really love to use burlap Fabric especially in my Fall D├ęcor. And just to add my own touch instead of the Sunflowers only consisting of Burlap I used an Orange Velvet type of material, a yellow Toile, A staple in my home- Dropcloth, a golden floral pattern fabric, and on the white sunflowers I even added a lace doily.
A picture of my Mantel in my room at Deep Creek Vintage.
 Im so lucky to have such a fabulous room to decorate!
Another crafty project I did while I was working on the Sunflowers. 
Moss, book pages, glittered mini pinecones, butterflies and acorns, embellished on a Gold Vintage Picture Frame. And ohhhh that ribbon!(purchased at Hobby Lobby)
"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."

-William Cullen Bryant
Hope you enjoyed ~ I'll be back tomorrow Until then...
Have a Splendid day

Monday, September 16, 2013

Painting Upholstery ~ My Victorian Settee

Hello friends
Have you heard of Painting Fabric?
I'm sure you have its all over the web and it seems to be gaining popularity. So of coarse I had to try it.
I was curious to know how it felt and how involved the paint application would be.
I'm not going to give any kind of tutorials (there is already a million out there) However I will share with you my step by step pictures on my
 Lovely Settee with Painted Upholstery.
Lets start with the after picture, Isn't she pretty? I painted the back tufting a beautiful Olive color and recovered the seat in a coordinating floral upholstery weight fabric.
This Victorian Era Settee was one of the first pieces of furniture that I moved into Deep Creek Vintage. I was very pleased with the way it turned out. I'm not so sure I would paint an upholstered piece that would house your bum daily, but for a tufted back of a chair or sofa I think its perfect.
The Before
Here is really all you need to paint Fabric ~
I used Annie Sloan's decorative Chalk Paint in Olive
a bottle of water ( every blog I read said to wet the fabric )
a brush ( I uses a cheapy one so I could really jam the paint into the tuffs)
and a rag for any drips
It took about 3 coats of paint until I was satisfied with the results. One thing to keep in mind when your painting fabric IT TAKES FOREVER TO DRY so if your impatient like me or trying to finish a project quickly, this is just to give you a heads up it took my fabric overnight in between each coat to dry!
After first coat of paint applied to Upholstery
Second Coat of paint applied to upholstery
 Finish coat of Paint with 2 layers of a clear wax also applied
also just a side note I did lightly sand before adding the wax.
As you can tell you can still see the pattern of the fabric, which is also something to keep in mind when deciding weather to paint your fabric or not.
I would absolutely recommend WAX! I usually wax everything however when waxing your upholstery it is a must. The fabric does not feel as smooth and as soft without the wax, and it gives it that nice sheen that you can see from the picture, plus it will protect your paint job that you've worked so hard to achieve.
Victorian Settee is still available in my room at Deep Creek Vintage, it is currently on sale so probably won't last long!
So would I do it again? ABSOLULTY!  I think it a great way to give a shabby piece and new life and much more inexpensive than having new fabric put on  (especially with all those tuffs)
So go give it a try for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are about Painting Upholstered Furniture.
Until Next Time,


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