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Monday, September 16, 2013

Painting Upholstery ~ My Victorian Settee

Hello friends
Have you heard of Painting Fabric?
I'm sure you have its all over the web and it seems to be gaining popularity. So of coarse I had to try it.
I was curious to know how it felt and how involved the paint application would be.
I'm not going to give any kind of tutorials (there is already a million out there) However I will share with you my step by step pictures on my
 Lovely Settee with Painted Upholstery.
Lets start with the after picture, Isn't she pretty? I painted the back tufting a beautiful Olive color and recovered the seat in a coordinating floral upholstery weight fabric.
This Victorian Era Settee was one of the first pieces of furniture that I moved into Deep Creek Vintage. I was very pleased with the way it turned out. I'm not so sure I would paint an upholstered piece that would house your bum daily, but for a tufted back of a chair or sofa I think its perfect.
The Before
Here is really all you need to paint Fabric ~
I used Annie Sloan's decorative Chalk Paint in Olive
a bottle of water ( every blog I read said to wet the fabric )
a brush ( I uses a cheapy one so I could really jam the paint into the tuffs)
and a rag for any drips
It took about 3 coats of paint until I was satisfied with the results. One thing to keep in mind when your painting fabric IT TAKES FOREVER TO DRY so if your impatient like me or trying to finish a project quickly, this is just to give you a heads up it took my fabric overnight in between each coat to dry!
After first coat of paint applied to Upholstery
Second Coat of paint applied to upholstery
 Finish coat of Paint with 2 layers of a clear wax also applied
also just a side note I did lightly sand before adding the wax.
As you can tell you can still see the pattern of the fabric, which is also something to keep in mind when deciding weather to paint your fabric or not.
I would absolutely recommend WAX! I usually wax everything however when waxing your upholstery it is a must. The fabric does not feel as smooth and as soft without the wax, and it gives it that nice sheen that you can see from the picture, plus it will protect your paint job that you've worked so hard to achieve.
Victorian Settee is still available in my room at Deep Creek Vintage, it is currently on sale so probably won't last long!
So would I do it again? ABSOLULTY!  I think it a great way to give a shabby piece and new life and much more inexpensive than having new fabric put on  (especially with all those tuffs)
So go give it a try for yourself and let me know what your thoughts are about Painting Upholstered Furniture.
Until Next Time,

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