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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Early March Booth Pictures

Hello Loves!

Isn't it amazing how one persons sweet sentiments can change the whole vibe of your day? I was having a crap day then I came across someone (a complete stranger) that was just like a ray of sunshine. From that point on I had a smile on my face and instantly my mood was uplifted.  It inspired me to be someone else rainbow in a cloudy sky. ( I think that is somewhat of a Maya Angelou quote)

So today I went to visit my booth at A Unique House Antique Mall. And for the first time I was actually happy to see my booth a mess. And boy was it ever a mess everything was askew, but it made me happy because that meant that there were a lot of people coming through which means a lot of sales. I only wish I enjoyed cleaning my house as much as I love cleaning my booth. Needless to say I was there all day with my lil helper so if you come to visit and happen to see batman or cat women hidden inside something you'll know why :)

Here are a few pictures I was able to snap literally while trying to catch up w/ my lil helper as he was walking down the isle to leave.

Desk organizer painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen with highlights of Pure White
You might recognize the Fabulous Velvet Damask Backed Chair from my previous post if you missed it you should check it out ~ here.
PS ~ These chairs were also FEATURED on Shades of Amber!!!
Shades of Amber

So cool I love the  muted colors ~ my take on the Union Jack  * painted on a vintage trunk.

 I recovered 5 lampshades last night. Here is one of my favorites ~ its so Shabby Chic and sooo girly. Adorned with vintage fabric covered in big bright cabbage roses, pink and green dangling beads, eyelet and vintage pompom trim, a fabric rosette, a crochet doily and some pearlish beads.
Looks stunning on this hobnail milk glass vintage lamp! Right now I'm kinda regretting leaving this at the shop :)

 The Yellow legged farm table is now on sale @ $175!!! It extends to 5 ft!

 The bench handcrafted from a Ethan Allen Bed is now only $125! Painted with Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint on the seat and Old Orche From ASCP for the rest.

 Those dresses are simply perfect for a little girl to play dress up with! Especially priced at around $10 each!

 I'm feeling a little spring in my step! Lots of Spring Greens making its way into my booth this season.

 How cool is that ~ antique baby stroller wheels mounted to a wooden tray. Love the rusty industrial wheels against the creamy white tray then embellished with vintage beaded collars and handcrafted soaps. and oh I have to mention the super cute child size mannequin.
Do you remember the ASCP Napoleonic Dresser from my post LaPlata Antique show? If you missed that post you really missed out there is a Victorian Parlor Sofa that was sold that is to die for!

Ok well there ya have it my latest booth pics
Hope you enjoyed your stay I know I enjoyed sharing my work with ya!
Oh and do you follow me on facebook? I usually post pictures of what I'm working on ~ if you'd like a little daily eyecandy.
Talk to ya soon,

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Home Staging Pictures

Hello There!
As I've mentioned before I'm selling my home so I had to put together some pictures of my home for the Realtor. And wow was that difficult for me I have 2 big labs, kids and work from home so its hard to keep everything clean and picked up.

If you missed yesterdays post It was pictures of the outside and I know I promised pics of the inside today so here it goes ~ hope your ready for some pictures :)
Dining Room
The fireplace mantel is always changing and never finished if that makes any sense :)  Very soon it will most likely be covered with Tulips, Bunny's, eggs and moss. Being an Antique Dealer the furniture in my home doesn't get to stay to long I'm constantly switching it out with new stuff especially chairs. Those chairs at the head of the table are already redone and ready to go to the shop.  

Breakfast Nook
 Its so funny to see this area of my home so empty ~ usually this is my craft area its always covered with fabric, paint cans, and other supplies and junk.
Family Room
This is the winter look ~ I usually change the curtains in the summer, velvet just seems to heavy when its warmer weather. Notice that there is the plywood flooring showing under that rug? That is my next project I'm going to PAINT that plywood sub floor! I know crazy huh? The carpet that used to be there was just not salvageable (dang puppy) the corners were shredded and it need to be replaced. so in order to save money I'm going to paint the floors I've seen some gorgeous painted sub floors that by looking at them you'd never know that there isn't a "finished" floor. I'll be sure to blog about the whole process.
I just realized looking at these pictures that the only thing I have bought new in here are the couches ( and the tv). I have added my personal touch to almost everything.  I have hunted for, painted, recovered, crafted, embellished everything in this room.
We installed Austrian Cypress Wood Floors when we moved in and I've Loved them ever since!
In the Foyer I painted the walls with Martha Stewart's Metallic Paint I just love the way it shimmers and changes color with the lights. I should probably repaint it, but I don't know a yellowish/ gold is kinda neutral right? as far as selling purposes? I am going to switch out the antique chandeliers those are coming with me!
This is just the downstairs maybe tomorrow ill share the bedrooms but I'm really itching to share some Spring Projects I'm working on today!
Thanks for sticking around see ya later
Have a Fantastic day!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Winter Home

Hello Friends ,
Welcome March
HELLO Spring!
So unfortunately its time for me to sell my home ~ so instead of doing fun furniture stuff and growing my business I've been consumed with tweaking my home to be sold. So many odd little things needed to be fixed everything needed to have a fresh coat of paint and oh the decluttering that needed to be done! I finally was able to get some pictures together of coarse I'm not satisfied there is still so much left to be done but I was on a deadline so I guess for now it is what it is.
 I couldn't find any spring or summer pictures that were blog worthy but my home is sooo much pretty when all the flowers are in bloom and the trees and grass are green.
 I definitely need a covered porch~ many many memories on that back porch, from kids birthday parties, enjoying the pool, watching the rain, I've loved reading books under a blanket on that porch, star watching, early morning coffee lots of meals shared on that porch also!
Wildlife galore ~ we think of them as our pets silly I know but we even love the not so cute possum that likes to get into the cat food on the back porch.
 we call this the Beaver Mansion ~ its the biggest beaver home I've ever seen.
Tomorrow I'll share the inside but for now I'm off to clean :(
Be Thankful For Today!


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