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Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Winter Home

Hello Friends ,
Welcome March
HELLO Spring!
So unfortunately its time for me to sell my home ~ so instead of doing fun furniture stuff and growing my business I've been consumed with tweaking my home to be sold. So many odd little things needed to be fixed everything needed to have a fresh coat of paint and oh the decluttering that needed to be done! I finally was able to get some pictures together of coarse I'm not satisfied there is still so much left to be done but I was on a deadline so I guess for now it is what it is.
 I couldn't find any spring or summer pictures that were blog worthy but my home is sooo much pretty when all the flowers are in bloom and the trees and grass are green.
 I definitely need a covered porch~ many many memories on that back porch, from kids birthday parties, enjoying the pool, watching the rain, I've loved reading books under a blanket on that porch, star watching, early morning coffee lots of meals shared on that porch also!
Wildlife galore ~ we think of them as our pets silly I know but we even love the not so cute possum that likes to get into the cat food on the back porch.
 we call this the Beaver Mansion ~ its the biggest beaver home I've ever seen.
Tomorrow I'll share the inside but for now I'm off to clean :(
Be Thankful For Today!

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kathryn cain said...

so sad to see that you are having to sell your home. It always will be a important important part of the history of your lifes. I am guessing their may be a military move?Hopes that the goverment issue will not put a hickup in that.Your home is beautiful and sad that you can not rent it and some day return


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