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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Home Staging Pictures

Hello There!
As I've mentioned before I'm selling my home so I had to put together some pictures of my home for the Realtor. And wow was that difficult for me I have 2 big labs, kids and work from home so its hard to keep everything clean and picked up.

If you missed yesterdays post It was pictures of the outside and I know I promised pics of the inside today so here it goes ~ hope your ready for some pictures :)
Dining Room
The fireplace mantel is always changing and never finished if that makes any sense :)  Very soon it will most likely be covered with Tulips, Bunny's, eggs and moss. Being an Antique Dealer the furniture in my home doesn't get to stay to long I'm constantly switching it out with new stuff especially chairs. Those chairs at the head of the table are already redone and ready to go to the shop.  

Breakfast Nook
 Its so funny to see this area of my home so empty ~ usually this is my craft area its always covered with fabric, paint cans, and other supplies and junk.
Family Room
This is the winter look ~ I usually change the curtains in the summer, velvet just seems to heavy when its warmer weather. Notice that there is the plywood flooring showing under that rug? That is my next project I'm going to PAINT that plywood sub floor! I know crazy huh? The carpet that used to be there was just not salvageable (dang puppy) the corners were shredded and it need to be replaced. so in order to save money I'm going to paint the floors I've seen some gorgeous painted sub floors that by looking at them you'd never know that there isn't a "finished" floor. I'll be sure to blog about the whole process.
I just realized looking at these pictures that the only thing I have bought new in here are the couches ( and the tv). I have added my personal touch to almost everything.  I have hunted for, painted, recovered, crafted, embellished everything in this room.
We installed Austrian Cypress Wood Floors when we moved in and I've Loved them ever since!
In the Foyer I painted the walls with Martha Stewart's Metallic Paint I just love the way it shimmers and changes color with the lights. I should probably repaint it, but I don't know a yellowish/ gold is kinda neutral right? as far as selling purposes? I am going to switch out the antique chandeliers those are coming with me!
This is just the downstairs maybe tomorrow ill share the bedrooms but I'm really itching to share some Spring Projects I'm working on today!
Thanks for sticking around see ya later
Have a Fantastic day!


Kristen @ Sophia's Decor said...

I love seeing your house yesterday and today! Looks like such a beautiful home! I am in the process of getting things painted, cleaned, staged, etc in my home because we'll have to list in the next month even though we just moved in! I'm having a hard time processing it... I'm already stressing how to keep the place clean with three kids and the furniture/antique biz so I totally know where you're coming from there!

Kristopher Washington said...

Wow! You have a very lovely home! Why are you selling it? I love the country-style theme of the house! The hanging pans are like Jamie Oliver's kitchen! Haha! Your house will be sold in no time! I believe that this house will make a great impression on someone out there and eventually love it. Good luck on your new house! :)


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