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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Burlap Lampshades

 so ya might already know i got a thing for lampshades.

I absolutely Love recovering Vintage Lampshade Frames.

Its one of those things that really don't take up to much time and the end result is Fabulous! And it sooo much cheaper than buying new and hardly ever can you get the awesome shapes that you do when you use vintage. plus its totally custom you can cover them to match your style and decor ~ you can really make them personalized.

On this one when i got it, it had a massive stain on the outside which was too bad cause otherwise it was crisp white! So i went ahead a removed the outer fabric only to find that the inside liner was perfect and i was even able to remove the outer fabric without ripping the gorgeous vintage trim. Yeah!! but it seemed like it still needed something ~ you know me i like a bit of glam so i embellished the wire frame ( the skeleton) with pearls. I love the way it turned out~ so shabby chic so romantic!


kinda fuzzy pic, sorry.
 Burlap has become a new fav for me. I mean really burlap and lace how Divine!
 For this one (on top) i first covered the entire shade with a natural burlap using hot glue ~ ouch! my plan was to stencil the bird motif right on the burlap but that was too difficult once it was already on the lampshade ~duhh! so i used some left over drop cloth fabric, tattered the edges, stenciled away and then glued that on there too. I applied 3 rosettes and added vintage trim on the top. so sweet! fyi~ bird stencil is a Martha Stewart stencil from Micheal's.
This one was easy peasy. I used a lighter burlap for the whole shade then used the natural darker burlap ( from Micheal's in the wreath section it comes i a roll) and put it around like a band then draped some tattered lace tied in a knot with a broken piece of a antique rhinestone necklace attached in the center. the top seemed boring to me so i added paper flowers and vintage buttons. And lastly the bottom is adorned with vintage popcorn trim ( that i scored at an action)

so do ya like? The Burlap shades are both available @ Time N Again Antiques. But probably won't last long! And the Skeleton Pearl lampshade is @ A Unique House Antique Mall, in King George, Va.

For more Lampshade and Lighting inspiration visit my Pintrest board for lots of eye candy!

Thanks for letting me share my creations with you!

Have a Awesome day ~ EVERYday!

would u like a seat?

Hello friends!
Won't you come and have a seat w/me?
 Thought i would show you some of the chairs that were completed recently.
 You might have already seen these in my last post. They are already up at the shop.These pic are a bit more detailed. Pale Blue Velvet adorns the seats, even though there are 2 style of chairs i covered them with the same fabric. I just love mis matched chairs as they add a unique charm that comes so easy with vintage decorating.
 I did the same thing with the next set of chairs. Same fabric on the upholstered seats , same paint color but different chairs. These however are the same style.
 There are 4 of these also but only 2 were photographed. and these two are also  already at the shop.

my oldest son is responsible for all the previous pictures ~ he claims he wants to be a photographer when he's older ( he's 14 :) i'd say he's got a pretty good eye. Although i wish he wouldve got some close ups of the details of the flower on the top of the lace edged chairs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A bit of outdoor Random at my home

Hello Friends!
And Hello Spring!
It gorgeous outside and im having a blast taking pictures.

 Have i mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE my new camera ~ a Canon EOS rebel T3, that my Firefighter gave me for Christmas. Oh, its Wonderful! Even when i have it on the manual setting my pictures are so much better than what i used to take w/ my point and shoot camera. I am new to photography and am trying to learn/ teach myself,  boy is it overwhelming!  there has been fantastic "lessons" photography series on blogs which ive learn alot. But when it comes down to it actually taking the pic, knowing what setting is best for what picture ~ its hard to remember everything i thought ive learned. 
 Although i do think im getting better. And the editing well thats a whole other story... every thing takes time ~ right? It sure is fun playing around with my new toy.

 Thank you, Firefighter I promise I will do my best to capture the precious moments of our little guys life on camera! Thank you for such a wonderful gift ~ the gift of preserving memories. xoxoxox

sparky pistol goes where ever we go

greatful to have this view in my back yard

 I love this corbel~ its HUGE and the perfect chippy shabby Blue. I got this years ago on Maryland's eastern shore at auction.  Who knows where it came from, i can only imagine.  Like a dummy i used to have 2 ( a pair) but i sold the other one for super cheap! WHY??? what was i thinking??  So many times ive sold pieces and then later regretted it~  o well can't keep everything gotta try to make a living :(  when i hit the lottery i may just turn into a hoarder!  I LOVE JUNK! I wanna keep it all!!! :) I wanna go to auctions buy all the fabulous rusty, chippy, old, vintage junk and just play around it. I know that may sound weird but i bet some of you out there can relate ~ maybe a little :) lol!

is there beauty in poison ivy?

 Thank you all for stopping by now go take some pictures and capture memories!
Have a picture perfect day ~ Everyday!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Egg topiary and shop pics

 Hello my Friends!
Happy Spring!!

I think i'll keep this one! Yep, won't be putting a price tag on this one. I needed a centerpiece for my Easter table is this works perfectly.

 ive seen simialr topiary floating around on pintrest ~ but when i laid my eyes on these i knew i had to try to make one. Arent they soo pretty!
Pinned Image

Pinned Image
 My two lovely sisters and I started a craft night once a month. The idea is we get together and complete a craft. there is usually more yapn than craftn so completion is a bit challenging :) But the food and company is awesome! (great idea Neely!!) We alternate whose turn it is to host the fun this month it was my turn. I chose to make  Robin Egg Topiary.

can you tell these are plastic fill eggs?

 It was really quite easy but a bit time consuming. It would have been much faster if i would have bought cute little blue eggs but me being el-cheap-o , I bought plastic fill eggs and painted them. I used some of Martha's (love u martha!)  discontinued paints ( more than 50% at Home Depot)  ~ then speckled burnt senna craft paint on. Tip= use a watered down toothbrush for the speckling.

After eggs were dry I simply hot glued them onto a Styrofoam cone then tucked in Dollar store moss in between. I used a cracked pot from the garden covered the edges with greener moss, added a wooden finial and some sweet butterflies.  Really pretty and practically free! Maybe i'll make some more to put in the shop next year for my spring display.  Or can't you see this as a wreath also??? Yeah im already thinking paper birds flying from my ceiling branches, lots of Robin's eggs, moss and terra cotta pots. 

Server Voila!! c'est fini

Hello Friends!

 Have ya missed me? It seems like forever since my last post. Ive been quite the busy girl! The weather is finally warming up and now its enjoyable working in my office (garage) again. Ive been able to knock out some furniture projects that have been sitting collecting dust all winter. So you can probably expect a couple of before and after blogs post coming up. :)
 I was lucky enough to find this massive, sturdy, beautifully carved server/ buffet at a yard sale last summer for a steal!
 I knew right away it would be Fabulous white with dark wax and a special walnut stain on top.  I kinda went back and forth about adding some ASCP Paris Grey but in the end i chose to keep it just white. I used a Opps paint from Lowes instead of Using ASCP old white just because i wanted to use my paint sprayer since this is such a big piece and i was a lil pressed for time. Plus i knew re staining to top would take some time.

too shiny and too brown for my taste!

Im really not a fan of striping and staining furniture ~ its very time consuming but im finally getting the hang of it. And this buffet turned out pretty awesome if i do say so myself!
 Here is it with the final coat of paint applied and the top stained. All thats left now is to add the  Annie Sloan Dark Wax, finish spray painting the shiny brass hardware black, poly the top and then distress in all the right spots. 

A close up of the Special Walnut by miniwax stained top

isn't she lovely!

Plenty of storage! A great solid piece of furniture. I love the way it turned out but i think im gonna take some sandpaper and distress those beautifully carved flowers a bit more so that they really POP!
Isn't she grand!

And so here it stays for now @ Time n Again Antiques waiting for the someone to take her home and love her as much as i do.

Have a productive fulfilling  Day ~ Everyday!!


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