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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Egg topiary and shop pics

 Hello my Friends!
Happy Spring!!

I think i'll keep this one! Yep, won't be putting a price tag on this one. I needed a centerpiece for my Easter table is this works perfectly.

 ive seen simialr topiary floating around on pintrest ~ but when i laid my eyes on these i knew i had to try to make one. Arent they soo pretty!
Pinned Image

Pinned Image
 My two lovely sisters and I started a craft night once a month. The idea is we get together and complete a craft. there is usually more yapn than craftn so completion is a bit challenging :) But the food and company is awesome! (great idea Neely!!) We alternate whose turn it is to host the fun this month it was my turn. I chose to make  Robin Egg Topiary.

can you tell these are plastic fill eggs?

 It was really quite easy but a bit time consuming. It would have been much faster if i would have bought cute little blue eggs but me being el-cheap-o , I bought plastic fill eggs and painted them. I used some of Martha's (love u martha!)  discontinued paints ( more than 50% at Home Depot)  ~ then speckled burnt senna craft paint on. Tip= use a watered down toothbrush for the speckling.

After eggs were dry I simply hot glued them onto a Styrofoam cone then tucked in Dollar store moss in between. I used a cracked pot from the garden covered the edges with greener moss, added a wooden finial and some sweet butterflies.  Really pretty and practically free! Maybe i'll make some more to put in the shop next year for my spring display.  Or can't you see this as a wreath also??? Yeah im already thinking paper birds flying from my ceiling branches, lots of Robin's eggs, moss and terra cotta pots. 
Just thought i'd share some of the more recent pictures of my booth @ A Unique House in King George and to let ya know, if your local, we are having an outside sale tomorrow Sat 24!! Should be alot of fun and LOTs of treasures to be found!!

Gorgeous hanging vintage shade embellished w/ pearls ~ light kit included.

old chippy paint corbels

Vintage pitcher w/bowl great for all those blooming spring branches!

Chairs on Sale $50.00/ each!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Have a Happy Day ~ everyday!!


sissie said...

Love your Easter topiary and your shop looks wonderful.


Ann said...

robin egg blues are so beautiful this time of year. lovely work. can't blame you for keeping it at home, but at least we get to see the photos. :-)

Karen at said...

So pretty! And no, you can't tell they are plastic! Guess what?! I chose you as one of my recipients for the Liebster Blog Award!!! You can see the post here:'t that exciting?

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon said...

You know I love this! Great Job!

Take care,



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