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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A bit of outdoor Random at my home

Hello Friends!
And Hello Spring!
It gorgeous outside and im having a blast taking pictures.

 Have i mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE my new camera ~ a Canon EOS rebel T3, that my Firefighter gave me for Christmas. Oh, its Wonderful! Even when i have it on the manual setting my pictures are so much better than what i used to take w/ my point and shoot camera. I am new to photography and am trying to learn/ teach myself,  boy is it overwhelming!  there has been fantastic "lessons" photography series on blogs which ive learn alot. But when it comes down to it actually taking the pic, knowing what setting is best for what picture ~ its hard to remember everything i thought ive learned. 
 Although i do think im getting better. And the editing well thats a whole other story... every thing takes time ~ right? It sure is fun playing around with my new toy.

 Thank you, Firefighter I promise I will do my best to capture the precious moments of our little guys life on camera! Thank you for such a wonderful gift ~ the gift of preserving memories. xoxoxox

sparky pistol goes where ever we go

greatful to have this view in my back yard

 I love this corbel~ its HUGE and the perfect chippy shabby Blue. I got this years ago on Maryland's eastern shore at auction.  Who knows where it came from, i can only imagine.  Like a dummy i used to have 2 ( a pair) but i sold the other one for super cheap! WHY??? what was i thinking??  So many times ive sold pieces and then later regretted it~  o well can't keep everything gotta try to make a living :(  when i hit the lottery i may just turn into a hoarder!  I LOVE JUNK! I wanna keep it all!!! :) I wanna go to auctions buy all the fabulous rusty, chippy, old, vintage junk and just play around it. I know that may sound weird but i bet some of you out there can relate ~ maybe a little :) lol!

is there beauty in poison ivy?

 Thank you all for stopping by now go take some pictures and capture memories!
Have a picture perfect day ~ Everyday!!


Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Loving your pictures! Have a great day!

-Kim :)


Just my style!
I would love for you to come share this at my linky party, Cowgirl Up! going on right now!

Barbara Jean said...

wonderful pics.
love that birdcage, and the bike, and the old corbel

barbara jean

It's All Connected said...

I dream of a camera like that! At the same time, I dread learning how to use it. Your pictures are beautiful! ~ Maureen

Revi said...

Now, that IS a lovely corbel. And so are your photos! I'm a first time visitor, and I think I need to follow.:)
-Revi -

shopannies said...

beautiful pictures

feel free to come see me at

Anonymous said...

so glad you're having fun taking pics! you have some beautiful photos there.

your regrets over the corbel are making me think twice about a table that i'm about to pop into the booth. my motto so far is, if you can even think about letting it go, do it! :-) we'll see if the regrets follow. and, yes, it is tremendous fun putting new things together at home first!

have a super weekend. the ospreys are nest-building around here, flying through our yard, picking up branches, then dropping some that are too huge. it's a great time of year to be near the water. "land of many rivers."


Gorgeous chippy whites! LOVE the corbel!

Thank you so much for linking up to "Cowgirl Up!". I really appreciate your participation. See you next week!



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