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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Holiday Home

welcome to my home

Holiday 2011

Just a few horrible photography pics of my home. Santa, please don't forget my camera ~ I've been real good!!

next on my to do list... new candelabra socket cover thingys and a gorgeous silk cord cover

still need to decorate the homemade cedar garland...any ideas??

glitzed up pine cones Available @ Time n Again Antiques

nutcrackers ( my 14 yr old fav) on top of my red and green vintage book collection

good ol Santa

just pretend like ya don't see the ugly cords hanging ~ those darn cats think i put it there for them to play with!! think im gonna have to whip out the duck tape!

im so in love with pine cones this year ~ thank you dad for collecting them for me!

foyer ( Martha Stewart metallic paint love how it shimmers and changes colors)

our home is def lived in! always pillows and toys on the floor

so much prettier in person.

went for a natural elegant theme this year. owls,brown bag paper chain, twine, magnolia leaves, pine cones, bronze glittered icicles, peacock feathers, amber colored prisms, and of coarse i can't forget my firefighters collection of vintage cars. (im learning to share :) )

antique sheet music wreath

decorating in all white is sometimes sooo difficult~ it was hard to resist... i added some turquoise

 there is still so much more i wanted to share hopefully ill have time this week for another post ( that is if i can keep grand central station cleaned)

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

my "before" booth pics

december 2011
Happy Holidays Everyone! Im so excited for Christmas this year. I feel so very lucky this year its really been a great one!

We had our Holiday Open House last weekend at A Unique House Antique Mall in King George, Virginia. Unfortunately i was unable to make it ~ no way was i going to try to take my little partner on such a busy day and my firefighter had to stay @ work that day, so i missed it :(.  And actually ive been so busy at home i haven't even had a chance to go check out the damage in my booth. Im gonna call these the before pics ~ cause im sure it looks much different now. and plus later this week i will be bringing some new goodies in and a gorgeous clock face painted coffee table ( hang tight pictures to come later)!  So enjoy and have a fabulous day!

painted branches hang frm the ceiling w/sparkly tinsil and  glitz pinecones

toile pillow

vintage ornaments galore moss topiarys

ASCP Aubusson blue (my new fav color) antique drum table

so shabby chic side chair

love chalk paint!


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