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Friday, August 31, 2012

Beautiful Bombay

Hello Friends!

Wow last day of August! So does that mean summer is over? :(  My life right now is consisting of Fall craft projects ( for the shop), high school football games, preparing to close up the pool, and today i bought some tulips to plant so ya I'm sad to say that my summer is winding down. But i must say i am looking forward to chilly nights, jeans and flannels, pumpkin lattes, cheaper electric bills!, and i can't wait to take my babe to the corn maze this year.

I am hoping to participating in a antique/market show in Oct. (more info on that when everything is definite) so I've been crazy busy trying to get all my junk furniture ready.

Today i finished up a new Bombay Style Chest

so sorry my pictures aren't the best i didn't have a chance to stage this ( again really busy) just snapped pics in the driveway before it was loaded in Besty ( my faithful truck) then off to the shop we went. Anyway I hope you enjoy!

 check out that gorgeous detail! I love that there is just the right amount of Red shining through the Sparkly Silver.

 Hard to tell with these pics but the raised carved details have many beautiful layers of color ~ Grey, the Red, then a silver brushed over and then a dark wax to give it depth.

 The drawers and bottom were painted w/ ASCP in Paris Gray, the sides and top were painted in Old White.

 I really buffed the heck out of this little chest ~ my arms were burning but isn't that shine gorgeous! I used clear and dark wax ~ Annie's of coarse.

Emperor's Silk is this weeks fav color. too bad i only bought a sample size I'd love to see how a whole piece of furniture looks done up in this beauty!

 Note to self... next time you see rhinestone knobs for under $5 BUY THEM ALL!!

Would you believe I've had this Bombay Chest for about 9 years ~ WHY did i wait so long to paint it!!! 
Its truly Stunning!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a Beautiful Evening

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FarmHouse Cupboard ~ Olive

Hello friends!

 I wanted to share with you today My Firefighters Spoon Carved Cupboard.

Meet OLIVE...

 We went to one of my fav auctions out on Maryland's eastern shore. My Firefighter spotted this cupboard amidst the sea of battered furniture and rusty junk ( the Americian Pickers would say rusty Gold) and just knew he had to have it. Overall it was in pretty good shape just a few minor fixes and some light sanding. We knew we were gonna use chalk paint so not too much prep work involved. A bit of gluing and some tiny holes to fill was really all it needed. He picked the ASCP colors he wanted to use and then the magic started to happen. It still amazing me even after the hundreds of pieces of furniture ive painted, How paint can just transform a piece. I love the color choice! OLIVE = country farmhouse at its best!
Still Available at A Unique House Antique Mall

First i speratically spread some Florence and Emperor's Silk And a bit of Old White all over especially in the corners and places i knew i wanted to distress / highlight. Then painted the entire country Cupboard in ASCP Olive. And Finished it off with clear wax buffed to a brilliant shine. the inside is painted in a bright white.

 Notice the spoon carved details? Lovely with the Florence and Emperor's Silk peeking through. I has a beautiful aged bead board back and awesome antique hardware.
funky picture, huh?

Looks Fantastic with the doors open or closed. Personally I like to leave the doors open. Currently in the inside im displaying some of my pink floral dishes and cherished ironstone and milk glass and oh ya my fav antique glass chicken feeder ( that i hope no one ever buys :))

I felt it was only appropriate to display the antique fire extinguisher atop my firefighters cabinet 

 Such a wonderful piece for storing all your treasures ~ lots and lots of storage! Shelves on the top and bottom and a drawer in the middle. And its deep too! Seriously you can't have too many cupboards!
Since I had Olive on my paintbrush i painted this sweet little single drawer round pedestal table. Pretty pretty.  Olive seems to be so appropiate right now with the Autumn season approaching. Its such a dark warm color.
On another note I've been doing a lot of these lately. Stenciling quotes onto drop cloth then affixing the drop cloth onto foam board. Sometimes i get lucky enough to find a frame. Maybe you remember seeing the "Family" wall hanging I had in a previous post.?

Have a Great Day~ Everyday!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

9 Drawer French Provincial Dresser

Hello Friends!

Just recently finished a 9 Drawer French Provincial Dresser.  These are so Hot right now.  Just look at pinterest they're are so many and they're all different. Everyone has a unique approach to recreating them.  I thought i would share w/ you how i finished mine...
 I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. A variety of colors ~ The Shell of the Dresser is Painted in Old Orche, Old white on the drawers, Co-Co on the moulding separating the drawers, Antinoette highlighting some of the details on the sides along with Versailles stenciled on the sides, and lastly the knobs are a mix of Emperiors silk and old white. WOW! that's one of the many great things about using ASCP is all the colors just blend beautifully together.
 I cracked sections of the drawers to give it that time worn appearance.
 The three drawers in the center were decoupaged with a collage of coordinating scrapbook paper. A pretty pink french toile in the center ~ I loved this paper unfortunately i can't find any more of it anywhere! :( And for just the perfect amount of shine i put some Big Glass Knobs on the center drawers! So chic!!

Here is a close up of the Martha Stewart stencil that i chose for the sides.
 The Wood top was stripped and then re stained in a dark walnut by Miniwax. A Fav of mine i tend to use it all the time.

 Distressed in all the right spots and a dark wax all over finishes the job!

I spent a lot of time on this French Provincial Dresser but it was well worth it I really love the way it turned out!
 And apparently someone else did too because as soon as i posted pictures on facebook and said it was at the shop~ it SOLD!  Didn't even last 24 hours!!

That is just so flattering!! Being a dealer you always wonder if what you love is what others will love. For me its not always about buying what sells it about creating beauty and inspiring others.

The only picture I have of my dresser all nestled in the shop. :)

thanks for looking!
Have a fantastic day ~ everyday!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ombre Dresser

Good Morning!
 Its a gorgeous Sunday Morning here. So quite and peaceful and nice and cool almost feels like a fall morning. I guess thats why ive been inspired to search pinterest for Autumn lovelies. well that and the fact that whether you want to or not, fall is kinda being thrown in our faces~ya can't help but to notice, its everywhere in the stores in blogland. I do love the Autumn season and anticipate its arrival but im still trying to hold on to summer a bit longer. I might lag behind a little from the rest of the retail world but im just not quite ready to show pumpkins yet. :) However my eye is drawn to all the lovely shades of purple that are gonna be so hot this upcoming season! and with purple being my fav color i had paint up my
 Ombre style dresser PURPLE!

Ombre- shaded or graduated in tone

 And a excellent choice if i do say so myself! Ive been patiently waiting for the perfect piece of furniture to come along so i could try this painting technique.
you might have heard others referring to their "pickers" (aka someone who buys/picks furniture that you may like to sell to you) Well i don't have a picker but i have a thrift store. Nooo, not Goodwill but a ma and pa back road junk store. I go there so much the owner now "saves" pieces for me. My last visit he put a Victorian Side Table ( in terrible condition but still lovable) out back for me, his son thought it was trash threw it in the Dumpster! Welp yes i did... I had my first Dumpster Dive. :) ahhh the life of a junk dealer ~ good times!!  Anyway this is where my Dresser came from.

Im dying to paint up something else Ombre Style ~ maybe in Pink~  but being lucky enough to come across the perfect piece~ isn't that often. Its challenging to find a Dresser thats Vintage, at least 5 drawers, and with no knobs. I suppose you could use another type of furniture ( i have seen it done ~ just pinterest it).
Pinned Image
Isn't that soo cool ~ Pink on a accent wall!

To go with the show stopping Purple dresser I needed a Fabulous Headboard

 I think this one will work swimmingly!
Painted in ASCP Old White  and the tiny spindles along the top have an undercoat of a lilac purple. The upholstery is done in a Taupe Green background w/ a creamy white French Script and a purple stamp ~ Gorgeous!
I had some fabric left over so i went ahead and recovered a footstool to give it the same Frenchy Flare! Maybe next i'll do a lampshade!

Until next time.
Have a happy day~ everyday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

altered suitcase

Notice the altered birdcage? it turned out so cute so Tattered Elegance!

Hello there!

 if you follow me on facebook then you may have already seen this picture, as I posted it the other day. All these goodies were on the way to the shop and I snapped a few pic in my driveway before we left. but today i wanted to share this fabulous antique suitcase!

I Altered my first Vintage Suitcase

~ lovely ~

 Altered vintage suitcase
Painted with annie sloan's Old White. tres chic w/ the chocolate French transfer from the Graphics Fairy,
Beautiful cut pieces of toile fabric decoupage over a paper doily,  a Victorian glove adorned w/ some bling and tulle faux flowers popping out, pearls n beads, a few fabric rosettes vintage eyelet trim and to top it off antique bright green lace wrapped in a bow on the handles. Honestly I couldve kept adding embellishments, I had to make myself stop I didn't want it to be "Too much" { is that even possible :) }

I love altering vintage pieces its always great to give new life into something that might be tired and dull. There is so many cool things people do w/vintage suitcases. check out some of these i saw on pinterest...Pinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned Image
Really i could go on and on there is just so many cool things to do with old suitcases! Ive got a couple more stashed away in my garage i just can't wait to get the time to play around with them!

I hope you've enjoyed my take on an altered suitcase.
thanks for looking
Have a Wonderful day ~ Everyday

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craft projects and Random Shop pics

Hello Lovelies!

My mind is all over the place today ~ here's is a collage of different pictures i hope you'll love.
I thought i would just share with you some random shop pics and a few of the craft projects ive done lately.

my space at Time N Again Antiques

A little mini tutorial:
Have you seen these Baseball Flowers, Yet? So easy to do if you happen to have some extra baseballs laying around ( or you could get some at the thrift store). Just pull the leather off the balls ~ you get two "pedals" for each ball and you need 3 pedals per flower.  Simply glue them together (e6000 works best) to form a flower shape. You could paint the pedals or leave them natural or cover them with book pages, then embellish the middle any way you like. For some i used buttons or rhinestone or burlap rosettes ~ you get the idea. I used skewers for the stems. EASY!! and so cute when you have a bunch together

More ASCP French Linen over a gilded antique mirror with accents of Old White

 Just a caption of my space booth #33 at A Unique House Antique Mall

Sorry China Cabinet already sold ~ a new one is on its way!

 Couldn't you just picture this Whimsical Deer Painting in a little boys room?
Twine wrapped Antique Bottles
  I just love trays they are a great way to keep "clutter" organized. I always pick them up when i see them at thrift stored or yard sales or where ever ~ no matter what they look like you can always paint or decoupage or embellish them someway.
ASCP Florence ~ Lovely turquoise color
pottery Barn inspired
The first one is covered in vintage sheet music, the others ive painted then stenciled. 

 did you read my post about this Harlequin Drop Leaf Table??
ASCP ~ French Linen and Old Orche <3
This was a pretty scattered post ( my brain is feeling a bit scattered today)
 i hope you've found some inspiration here and enjoyed some eye candy.

Thanks for joining me in blog world
Have a great day~ Everyday!


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