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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harlequin Drop Leaf Antique Table

Good Day Friends!

Its been a good month, ive gone to some Fantastic Auctions and have picked up some Fantastic pieces! 
The Hunt is by far my favorite part of "Junking" I absolutely LOve Auctions and Flea Markets i could literaly go everyday if money and time weren't an issue. :) But I also love Painting ~ And Annie has made my life easier and so much more creative. I Love adding decorative touches to my furniture now. ive really been on a kick lately and am having so much fun with Chalk Paint!

Usually i pass up drop leaf tables at auctions especially if they are mahogany. Not because they're too much money but because I don't know they just seem sooo sad and droopy and before chalk paint mahogany was such a pain to paint all that stripping sanding and priming! I Hate the prep work and sometimes its just not worth it. although When i saw this beauty she did seem a bit sad to me she was screaming "make me beautiful"!! So that i did....

 c. 1930's Antique Drop Leaf Table w/ gorgeous Deco carved Legs
 First i stripped the top down to the bare wood then applied Louis Blue diamonds and in the center where the diamonds meet i randomly stenciled a floral vine(Martha Stewart) in Aubbuson Blue. Next i stained the entire top in Miniwax Dark Walnut and top it off with two coats of poly. The legs and apron were also painted in ASCP Aubbuson Blue and finished with dark wax.

 And here she is all nestled in the shop waiting to be loved by another

just the right size to put just about anywhere

I knew right away how i was gonna dress her up. I've been fascinated with the Harlequin pattern lately and couldn't wait to paint it on a piece of furniture and this antique drop leaf table was Perfect!

A section of my space at Time N Again Antiques

Hope your enjoying your summer thanks for letting me share my creations with you!
Have a Exciting Day ~ Everyday!


suzyq said...

This is really just too perfect for words, absolutely loving it!
Your newest follower - would love to have you drop by for a visit and follow back when you can

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I got so excited when I saw this post because I have a blog reader who was just asking me what she should do with an old and battered mahogany drop leaf table she has ... so I grabbed the link and email it to her!

Turned out fabulous. I'm sure it'll be scooped up right away!



Carol said...

I am the one who Linda sent the link to with the drop leaf coffee table that raises up to be a dining table. I had stripped and sanded forever and just made a mess of things. This idea might work for me. Why is chalk paint better than regular paint? My style is eclectic with traditional and chinese accents. Maybe a pineapple design(welcome)?????
I don't have a blog, but I am on facebook and have some albums of my decor and I can send you pics of this table (use to be my mother's)
How can I connect with you on FB?

Claire said...

I adore what you've done with this table-I'm your newest follower-drop by for a visit!

Claire said...

Just wanted you to know I'm featuring this beauty on my Saturday Faves! Have a great week-Claire

kathryn cain said...

Annie chalk paint////makes my life easier...and you may hate me on this....but I also use it for a primer ....saves me on the prep and gives a great creamy old white distress under some of my latest makeovers.....loving your to follow you


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