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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craft projects and Random Shop pics

Hello Lovelies!

My mind is all over the place today ~ here's is a collage of different pictures i hope you'll love.
I thought i would just share with you some random shop pics and a few of the craft projects ive done lately.

my space at Time N Again Antiques

A little mini tutorial:
Have you seen these Baseball Flowers, Yet? So easy to do if you happen to have some extra baseballs laying around ( or you could get some at the thrift store). Just pull the leather off the balls ~ you get two "pedals" for each ball and you need 3 pedals per flower.  Simply glue them together (e6000 works best) to form a flower shape. You could paint the pedals or leave them natural or cover them with book pages, then embellish the middle any way you like. For some i used buttons or rhinestone or burlap rosettes ~ you get the idea. I used skewers for the stems. EASY!! and so cute when you have a bunch together

More ASCP French Linen over a gilded antique mirror with accents of Old White

 Just a caption of my space booth #33 at A Unique House Antique Mall

Sorry China Cabinet already sold ~ a new one is on its way!

 Couldn't you just picture this Whimsical Deer Painting in a little boys room?
Twine wrapped Antique Bottles
  I just love trays they are a great way to keep "clutter" organized. I always pick them up when i see them at thrift stored or yard sales or where ever ~ no matter what they look like you can always paint or decoupage or embellish them someway.
ASCP Florence ~ Lovely turquoise color
pottery Barn inspired
The first one is covered in vintage sheet music, the others ive painted then stenciled. 

 did you read my post about this Harlequin Drop Leaf Table??
ASCP ~ French Linen and Old Orche <3
This was a pretty scattered post ( my brain is feeling a bit scattered today)
 i hope you've found some inspiration here and enjoyed some eye candy.

Thanks for joining me in blog world
Have a great day~ Everyday!

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kathryn cain said...

Your booth is romatic,beautiful,and creative looks...congrats...hope great selling and as I say Contentment comes from our yours...going to have to come back


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