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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vintage Suitcase Table

Hello Friends!

If ya follow me on facebook ya might have already seen this. I thought it was so cool i also wanted to share it on my blog.

Vintage Suitcase Table

 Painted in ASCP Old White

 Ive been hording this base for a while now just waiting for the perfect top then all of the sudden it dawned on me how about a vintage suitcase!

 Gorgeous carvy details!

 Miss Mannequin
all decked out w/ antique book pages and floral fabric swatches glitter and angel wings. I still want to put something around the bottom of her but just can't decide what ~ any suggestions?

 Loved this little Christmas Glittery House ~ its at a new home now :( and also so is the Vintage Suitcase Table ~ it never even made it to the shop! Im dying to do another ~ ive got a couple of suitcases already painted and ready to go but  im still on the search for another really cool base.

Talk to ya tomorrow

Merry Christmas All!!


Anonymous said...

Mannequin needs a boa feather skirt or one of the pretty tutus you make out of tulle. It's so pretty! Love it!

Anonymous said...

A burlap skirt

Anonymous said...

I just love-love-love the vintage suitcase stand and have found an old vintage suitcase in a antique mall in Arizona. I have also a pedestal stand to mount it on but needed to know - did ya'll chalk paint it or use other paint?
I'm having a home built here in Arkansas and plan to have a 'shabby chic' decor in my master bedroom and that stand just caught my eye!
Any details you can share would be appreciated!

brandy Richards said...

succulents skirt would be very cool...


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