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Saturday, March 31, 2012

would u like a seat?

Hello friends!
Won't you come and have a seat w/me?
 Thought i would show you some of the chairs that were completed recently.
 You might have already seen these in my last post. They are already up at the shop.These pic are a bit more detailed. Pale Blue Velvet adorns the seats, even though there are 2 style of chairs i covered them with the same fabric. I just love mis matched chairs as they add a unique charm that comes so easy with vintage decorating.
 I did the same thing with the next set of chairs. Same fabric on the upholstered seats , same paint color but different chairs. These however are the same style.
 There are 4 of these also but only 2 were photographed. and these two are also  already at the shop.

my oldest son is responsible for all the previous pictures ~ he claims he wants to be a photographer when he's older ( he's 14 :) i'd say he's got a pretty good eye. Although i wish he wouldve got some close ups of the details of the flower on the top of the lace edged chairs.

I also just finished a Victorian Side Chair. Its so chic! Painted a dreamy white covered in a light creamy burlap and trimmed w/pure white gimp and jute fringe, and oh yeah cant forget the vintage rhinestone button on the front ~ Bling!I added 4 in. of foam and two layers of batting so this lil beauty is super comfy! Im loven the contrast of element here~ a once fancy Victorian parlor chair now painted and distressed covered with inexpensive rustic fabric and then embellished with sparkly goodness.
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my lil helper now knows when i get my camera out its time to strike a pose (even when im taking furniture shots) ~ i couldnt keep him from jumping in the pics :) but he was such a good boy while mommy was "working" at the shop~ (he didnt break anything that day) so i couldnt possibly upset him by making him get off the footstool.

on to shop pics...

 If you follow my blog some of this furniture might look familiar ~ I have two shops and if it doesn't sell in one place then i move it to the other one. I usually let it stay in one place for at least a month then if no sale it gets moved. Its amazing how when i move things around they suddenly take on a different look. Sometimes better sometimes not so good ( especially with those yellow walls, That i have no control over, some furniture pieces tend to clash) I really love the decorating and "fluffing" part of my job. I have a real passion for visual display and love playing around with all my vintage treasures.
Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed!
Have a comfy day ~ Everyday!


Dee said...

Those chairs look amazing! I just finished 4 Duncan Phyfe chairs with the rose detail too. I love the lace skirt you put on yours. Here's the link to the post on my chairs if you want to check it out. Nice job, Dee @ My Painted Stuff

tattered elegance said...

Yes i know ! I already saw your chairs, they look Fantastic!! I love your Blog such an inspiration! You do such great work, Dee!


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