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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Faux Sunflowers and Autumn Mantel Decor

Hello Friends!

The coffee is especially yummy this morning! Maybe its because of the cool crisp breeze flowing through the windows. Oh how I do love the change of seasons. So I thought it only appriopiate that I would share with you today a Fall Project.

Faux Sunflowers on a Spring

I can not claim this awesome idea as my own, It was something I just happen to skim across on Pinterest. Not sure if I was searching for Autumn Inspired crafts or Faux Flowers (which I love!) but anyway I was lucky to have found these Super Pretty Grungy Sunflowers from Libbie's Home blog. You can look at Libbie's Home page HERE she also gives a great tutorial on how to create your own. I ran with her wonderful creation and kinda tweaked it to my own style and this is what I came up with.
It was really easy, but ya know like with most crafts very time consuming.
The springs came from an antique parlor sofa that im in the process of recovering ~ not a fun job I might add.
**  I made myself a sunflower petal template and proceeded to cut out different sized petals in various fabrics and layered them atop each other  with a dab of hot glue in between each layer , until I achieved the fullness I was looking for.
 **  I took a shortcut for the middle seed pod of my Sunflower ~ instead of trying to create a center for my flowers I repurposed the center from some cheesy artificial sunflowers purchased at the Dollar Store. I even reused a few of the leaves.
Cute huh? I really love to use burlap Fabric especially in my Fall D├ęcor. And just to add my own touch instead of the Sunflowers only consisting of Burlap I used an Orange Velvet type of material, a yellow Toile, A staple in my home- Dropcloth, a golden floral pattern fabric, and on the white sunflowers I even added a lace doily.
A picture of my Mantel in my room at Deep Creek Vintage.
 Im so lucky to have such a fabulous room to decorate!
Another crafty project I did while I was working on the Sunflowers. 
Moss, book pages, glittered mini pinecones, butterflies and acorns, embellished on a Gold Vintage Picture Frame. And ohhhh that ribbon!(purchased at Hobby Lobby)
"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."

-William Cullen Bryant
Hope you enjoyed ~ I'll be back tomorrow Until then...
Have a Splendid day

1 comment:

Connie said...

Our mantel is gorgeous.
I love the empty frames and the fringed scarf. Beeeeuuutitful!


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