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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chaise Lounge Love

Hello Friends!

This morning I'm a total procrastinator! I don't wanna do the things that need to be done so I'm going to throw myself into blog world for about an hour or two :) Nothing is wrong w/that, right? I'm still Inspiring (kinda) and that's one of my goals everyday is to at least inspire someone.

A while back i recovered a chaise Lounge chair that was destine for the burn pile. Actually  i was literally  carrying  it to the huge pile of stacked up fallen trees when  I realized that it completely broke down i mean it was able to unscrew the whole thing into separate pieces. So i thought how easy it would be to recover it it would be just like doing seat covers and Ive probably done 100's of those so I'm pretty good at that. Ya this will be a piece of cake! So back to the garage it went and my mind was going crazy on what fabric i would use. I knew that i wanted to do it sort of Gypsy Style ~ ya know lots of different trims and textures and a mixture of fabrics. finally i got a vision and off to work i go! 

I had this Coral color Burlap that i was just dying to use ~ but i had nothing to match.  After a trip to JoAnns, i came home with this gorgeous Ralph Lauren Floral fabric that went perfect w/ my coral burlap. I'm super cheap and it was kinda expensive so i only bought 2 yards and figured it would be more of an accent fabric. I still needed one more fabric something w/ a unique texture, I was thinking something like a quilt. then it dawned on me how bout that matlesae bedspread that is just hanging out in my linen closet. Yep that was it the missing piece it coordinated w/ the Floral decorator fabric and the nubby burlap perfectly!

Its  been lounging in the shop for about 3 months now and honestly I'm surprised no one has snatched it up. I thought it is reasonably priced at $285.  Especially considering the time invested and all that scrumptous trim!
Since the shop is closing in 2 weeks and i have no room right now in my booth @ A Unique House Antique Mall and i know if i bring it home my dogs will try to sleep on it or my 2 year old may decided it needs to be painted so taking it home is not an option. 
With a heavy heart i have marked it WAY down ~ 50% off!!!  So if your local and interested stop on by to Time-N-Again Antiques in Waldorf,MD  and give this beauty a new home!

Have a Lovely Autumn day!!

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