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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabric Pumpkins and Skulls

Hello My Friends!

Just thought id fill ya in on a major event thats happening around here in my Tattered Elegance world.

 The shop Time N Again antiques that im a dealer in, has decided to close its doors :(  ~~ Its so sad and so very scary. I guess in a way its kinda like i just lost my job! Im still in Booth #33 @ A Unique House Antiques Mall but honestly thats just for fun not a whole lot of cash flow going on there.  So im going to try some different venues I might participate in some local antique shows, maybe open an online store, possibly a couple times a year host a "barn" sale, and who knows maybe something magical will happen and i'll open my very own brick and mortar store! We'll see, but ya know the saying right~ that when one door closes another one opens. And Im a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and usually God has something better out there for me ( i am very anxious to know what that is though).  So right now im trying to stay open to any opportunities that come my way and to keep myself excited about waking up everyday to the possibility that await me!

I am so thankful!
ok ok

 enough of that ~ check out some of the stuff ive made lately!


 see my lil pumpkin in the back cheesing?

 I saved 3 stems from last years pumpkin's. Using a real stem really makes a difference. 

 I also am in the process of "making" these Oak Tree Chargers. And im also going to make a few cake stands out of these. So cool don't ya think they bring the outdoors in and bring a natural rustic touch to your table setting~ really its not like you can go to walmart and buy these. (at least i haven't seen them)  I'll be sure to share some pics when im done.

 My Pumpkin Patch

I was planning on crafting a whole bunch of these~ but dang these little suckers are time consuming! But they did turn out really pretty. I was lucky enough to find a parson chair slipcover in the most perfect orange fabric (it kinda feels like velvet) at the thrift store for 2 bucks! I was able to put together 7 pumpkins and even had enough fabric left over to make some fabric rosettes for a wreath.
 And yep they are for sale but hurry cause i only put 2 at the shop.

 would you believe these skulls were from the dollar store?
I spray painted them a metallic silver adorned them with some super cute paper hats (made from toilet paper holders), feathers and a crape paper collar and we can't forget the bling for thier eyeballs.  I drilled a hole in the bottom suck a dowel in there and poped them up on a wooden candle base holder. Viola unique Halloween decor!

 Mirrored Glass Pumpkins

Pottery Barn inspired mercury glass pumpkins.  Looking glass spray paint is one of my new favorite products! So easy you just spray on the inside of any clear glass and it dries to a faux mirror finish.  My wheels are turning with all the Christmas decorations i can make with Looking Glass spray paint!

There just so many projects to make and not enough time in the day!  Have you seen my pinterest board? So much inspiration out there! I wish i had time to make everything that ive pinned!  Its hard to just choose a few projects.

Happy crafting

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