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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Last Glipse of Fall

Hello friends! 

Boy O Boy have i missed you! I was really busy doing a show (more on that next post) and then lost Internet for a week ( longest week of my life) so it has been a really long time since we've chatted. So much to catch up on... but first things first. I know everyone is all about Christmas right now as you should be HELLO Its only less that 4 weeks away now~ crazy!  But I never got to finish sharing my fall decor so I'm just gonna get this out of my system so we all can move on with our lives. :)

 my fall mantel ~ i chose to go with  a woodland rustic themed mantel, which just fits so well since my mantel is a huge piece of wood from an old fallen pier and my fireplace surround is all brick.  What screams woodland more that deer antlers, pine cones and red leaved garland?

 the beginnings of my Thanksgiving table

 My new dining room ~ ive just recently rearranged my home. Im really loving eating dinner while the listen to the crackling of the fireplace.

 Im still working on recovering my French armchairs that will grace the ends of table.

Me and my babies at the pumpkin farm ~ good times!!

good bye Sweet Autumn ~ you've come and gone way to fast!

thanks for letting me share with you my fall decor ~ now I'm gonna go put it away and start decoration for Christmas!

Talk to ya tomorrow!

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