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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lovely Spring Vignette

Hello friends!
And Hello Spring ~ Finally! What took you so Long? Never mind im glad you've arrived and brought with you all the lovely spring flowers, green grass, sprouting leaves, singing birds and warmer weather.


so I've revamped my home for the spring season ~ ya know the changing of the mantel décor , I've switched out my wine colored velvet curtains for panels of light airy cream linen, pulled out all my jadeite to display on top of my great great aunts county cupboard ~ jadeite always reminds me of spring to me it goes right along with birds nest and daffodils. Speaking of daffodils fresh flowers and flowering branches are everywhere ~ even in my kids rooms and bathrooms :)
So today instead of sharing another furniture makeover I thought I'd share a little spring vignette in my family room ~ Enjoy!
 Love the green chippy paint on this vintage box, I didn't do a thing to it other than clean it up. My firefighter couldn't understand why I wanted it when I spotted it at auction amougnst all the tools. And then after I got it for a dollar he thought hmm apparently no one else wanted it either. But in my mind its perfect and this is exactly how I envisioned it when I eyed it laying in the rubble of old rusty tools.
photo bomb ~ ya notice the little head peeking? he was completely engrossed in the Bubble Guppies I couldn't possible ask him to move.
Daffodils picked from my yard always add such drama to a room. Their vibrant yellow buds are always such a joy ya just can't help but to smile.
 Some of my favorite things ~
 I love antlers as you can see I have quite a collection and am always trying to add to it. My home is nestled in 100's of acres of woods and the deer are definitely a part of our daily lives. 
Vintage books ~ if you follow my work then you know I have a love affair with vintage books.  I love them to craft up wreaths, garland, flowers, I decoupage their pages onto walls ( in my booth) even furniture and they are a necessity for decorating.
Flower Frogs ~ seriously these are genius have you ever used them ? Aside from being vintage and cool they are a must for flower arranging.
I absolutely love Antique Linens/ doilies ~ I use them everywhere and when they get stained or torn I turn them into rag wreaths or dye them to give them new life.
Those super chic glass decorative balls/orbs are from the Christmas Tree Store and of coarse  my vignette wouldn't be complete without a birds nest.
If you can go pick those flowers and flowering branches and bring some happiness inside! Thanks for stopping by.
Have a Beautiful Day ~ Everyday


Myplace4tea said...

Lovely Spring vignette! Love that pink blossom, and your eclectic look!
Happy Spring day.

Maureen said...

What a lovely spring vignette - photo bombed and all! That cute little head lets us know that's a real room that actually gets used.


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