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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Milk Paint Amoire

Hello friends!

I Love free stuff especially when its furniture. And i have this crazy notion in my head that I can turn completely hideous furniture into something to be admired. Of course that doesn't always work out (some things are just unsavable and hard to see beauty in).  Usually the free stuff I get is someone else 'I give up' furniture. But I love a challenge and even more i love a good before/after.

This pressed wood amoire was a freebie ~
The missing drawer is being fixed
Good, Heavy, Sturdy, Solid, Chunky, Substantial, did i say Heavy Amoire.
Pressed wood, really bad hardware, stinky, honestly I did not think it would turn out shop worthy.

The only flaw ( other than ugliness) was that it was missing on one drawer 1/2 of the moulding.  Normally that would have been where i draw the line and give up. Really... its not like you can just go into Lowes and pick up a piece of moulding that would match a vintage amoire. and me? use a router nope not happening.  I should've taken a before picture because then you would've seen how big of a deal that moulding was. Looking at the picture now your probally wondering what im talking about cause you can hardly tell where the new piece of moulding is!  Luckily my handy firefighter can to my rescue he is becoming quite the woodworker and I'm convinced he can fix just about anything. He did a awesome job repairing the drawer!
Thank you, Timmy  xoxoxo!

 But to my surprise, after it was cleaned and painted I actually liked it and yes it is shop worthy.  This once gaudy amorie/dresser now would be an amazing piece of furniture to anchor a bedroom or even would be great in a craft or office room~ it has fantastic storage!

I used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Typewriter, a beautiful soft matte black. For the inside i decided to add an added surprise and go with a showstopper of a color ~ ASCP Florence.

 Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint was fun to use, different from what i am used to. If you haven't used milk paint before, Its very watery and goes on so smooth. And most definitely has to have a wax (what i used) or some finish on it. I was alittle disappointed that this piece didn't distress itself more, I loved the natural way the milk paint sort of crackles in spots. I know that's one of the Great things about using Milk Paint is the anticipation of how much distressing will come about.  A paint that has a mind of its own ~ I Love it! I can't wait to try another piece!

 If time allows i always try to do something special to the inside of the drawers. In this case I lined them with black and white Toile scrapbook paper. Adds an Elegant touch don't ya think?

I switched out the old hardware for some pretty bronze and black pulls for the drawers and round knobs for the doors.

 Can't you just picture storing all your pretties in those cubbies?

And here it is in the shop.
 I'm liking it even more now that its decorated.
And I'm really loven that soft Black ~ so rich

 I also just brought in to my booth this Fantastic Primitive Dry Sink.

 I just love Primitives in the Fall

 A hand painted framed burlap adorned with autumn leaves

embellished Pumpkins

 More Festive Fall items to come ~ I've been working on Paper sunflowers and Velvet pumpkins ~ you'll have to check back later for pics of those :)

Thanks for sticking around!
Until next time

Have a amazing day ~ everyday

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