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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Duncan Phyfe makover

Hi there friends!
Got a before and after for ya...

Duncan Phyfe server

 Not a whole lot to tell about this one. For some odd reason this went pretty cheap at auction, no one was bidding so before i could even think my arm went up and i got it for a song ~ la la la la 
 I knew right away what i was going to do. An easy and quick paint job so i could quickly put it in the shop ( so i thought).  I Cleaned it inside and out then removed the hardware, pulled the drawers out and cleaned them up with some Murphy's oil and then painted the shell of the server/buffet in ASCP old white.
And then to my surprise (first time this has happen using chalk paint) IT BLED! Yep streaks of pink mahogany shining through! oh how that irritated me! So much for my quick hurry up get r done paint job!
Available at A Unique House Antiques Mall booth #33
 So then i thought well maybe if i use a "color" over the Old White it won't bleed through, So then i whipped out Florence and proceeded to paint over the pink spots where it had bleed through then i covered the whole shell again in Old white. This time it was better but still some pink peeking through. But ya know what? When I went to distress it ~ it looked kinda cool~ Florence popping up where i sanded and then the pink mahogany. I did minimal distressing so there were just hints of color on the edges.

 YES! I was really liking this! Not exactly what I had planned on, but really turned out pretty. And lastly i used clear and dark wax ,a lot of dark wax. I didn't want there to be too much of a contrast from the shiny wood drawers and the painted shell.


Moral of the story when something isn't going quite like you planned ~ just go with it ya might end up liking it!

Before picture of Ducan Phyfe Server

Next time ~ when i have more time maybe i'll do something crazy but for now i think the Buffet that i stole for a song turned out Classic and Elegant.

Photo: Cool vehicular furnishings from Repurposed Designs of Kansas City - 1953 Oldsmobile fully functional buffet equipped with working headlights, hood ornament, emblem letters from the hood and a license plate - See more here:

But HOW COOL IS THIS?? From Repurposed Designs! I'm loven their take on Mr. Duncan! It even has working headlights :)

Check out my facebook page for more shop pics!

Has a Fabulous Evening!


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