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Monday, August 27, 2012

9 Drawer French Provincial Dresser

Hello Friends!

Just recently finished a 9 Drawer French Provincial Dresser.  These are so Hot right now.  Just look at pinterest they're are so many and they're all different. Everyone has a unique approach to recreating them.  I thought i would share w/ you how i finished mine...
 I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. A variety of colors ~ The Shell of the Dresser is Painted in Old Orche, Old white on the drawers, Co-Co on the moulding separating the drawers, Antinoette highlighting some of the details on the sides along with Versailles stenciled on the sides, and lastly the knobs are a mix of Emperiors silk and old white. WOW! that's one of the many great things about using ASCP is all the colors just blend beautifully together.
 I cracked sections of the drawers to give it that time worn appearance.
 The three drawers in the center were decoupaged with a collage of coordinating scrapbook paper. A pretty pink french toile in the center ~ I loved this paper unfortunately i can't find any more of it anywhere! :( And for just the perfect amount of shine i put some Big Glass Knobs on the center drawers! So chic!!

Here is a close up of the Martha Stewart stencil that i chose for the sides.
 The Wood top was stripped and then re stained in a dark walnut by Miniwax. A Fav of mine i tend to use it all the time.

 Distressed in all the right spots and a dark wax all over finishes the job!

I spent a lot of time on this French Provincial Dresser but it was well worth it I really love the way it turned out!
 And apparently someone else did too because as soon as i posted pictures on facebook and said it was at the shop~ it SOLD!  Didn't even last 24 hours!!

That is just so flattering!! Being a dealer you always wonder if what you love is what others will love. For me its not always about buying what sells it about creating beauty and inspiring others.

The only picture I have of my dresser all nestled in the shop. :)

thanks for looking!
Have a fantastic day ~ everyday!!


House Crazy in Michigan! said...

I found you from the link party. This is probably the most unusual and beautiful crackle finish I have even seen....FABULOUS PIECE...I am in awe! I have been recently researching how to use the MMM crackle medium and you look like a pro.....

Do you have more samples of this on your blog? Well, I'll find out because I just signed up!

Small House / Big Sky Donna

Awe1 said...

This is the coolest dresser I have ever seen!. A few questions. Did you wax over the middle drawers you coupaged? And did you just use dark wax over the entire dresser, including the top? You didn't use any other kind of sealer? Thank you!

memeep! said...

After reviving from fainting and picking my jaw up off the ground ( that means I was knocked off my socks!!) I want to tell you how amazing u think this is! You've inspired me to stretch beyond my self imposed limits. This is me this is what I love!! Thanks for posting :-) love love love

memeep! said...

I mean how amazing I think this is hahah! Thanks again spellcheck

Anonymous said...


Anna Digregorio said...

So in love with this dresser....Do you ever do tutorials showing how you create this??? love!!!

Natasha Castromayor said...

Simply WOW! I know how much work I put into my pieces and I am certain this was much more than that. Beautiful job!

Natasha Castromayor said...

Simply WOW! I know how much work I put into my pieces and I am certain this was much more than that. Beautiful job!


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