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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Luckett's Fair part 3 ~Wrap up

Hello friends!

there has been alot of buzz about Luckett's Spring Market that happened last weekend. It was sooo much fun and soooo inspirational! But boy talk about too much stimulation! Although a week has gone by now, and I think everyone has kinda settled back into regular routine. Ive noticed alot of shopkeepers have refreshed and updated their spaces and have posted some beautiful pictures. the life of a retailer never slows down!

I wanted to share with you the last bit of my snaps that i took while i was enjoying myself in my own little heaven at Luckett's .

 Gorgeous Gorgeous European Antiques
 I wanted to buy EVERYTHING in this booth. I absolutely Love their style ~ so clean and eloquent and so many natural elements. I adore the way they incorporate the outdoors with their decor. I mean this branches display draped across a handcrafted HUgE Farm table hung with mason jars filled with candles was to die for! How clever and what a statement. If i were to give out awards for the most awesome Tabletop display Ekster Antiques would definitely win hands down!!

 Notice how they used old (i think roofing) slate in the place setting

Simply gorgeous

Oak Leaf Wreaths
 Tons of these Antique Mirrors ~ they had to be at least 9' tall!!

 I was sooo in love with this zinc topped table! This was my favorite piece of furniture of the day. I would've snatched it up in a heartbeat but it was a bit pricey for me (around $800). I even went back later in the day so I could take more pictures of it and try to be just be satisfied with drooling over it on my camera~ but when i went back it was GONE!! I know its not healthy to be jealous but dang im sooo envious of the lucky person that walked away with "my" coffee table!
This was a constant image throughout the day. Boys in pink shirts carrying furniture and goods out the gates! So many treasures flying out of the Fair! These hardworking boys got their workout for the day!

And Last but not Least...

Through the garden Gate

that mirror was suppose to be mine but unfortunately it was SOLD by the time i got there!
Walking into this booth was kinda like taking a vacation ~ its like you felt as if you were taking to another place full of happy!

I'm fortunate enough to live about 90 minutes from Through the Garden Gate store and i can honestly say its one of my favorite places. Plenty of Gorgeous Faux fabric Flowers everywhere you look, a sea of heavenly White furniture, burlap and linens soften every inch, one of a Kind Handcrafted Pieces, Iron and Garden accessories to make you Swoon, and now Magnolia Pearl!!  And also lets not forget about the HUGE antique Mall that is in the same building!
Aren't these repurposed industrial lights so cool!
Through the Gardens Gates booth was pure joy! I loved every bit of it!

Well Folks that all of the Luckett's Eye Candy that i have left. I had a blast and can't wait till next year. ~ Who knows maybe i'll try to be a vendor next year and see what its like on the other end of the party!
Thank you to Luckett's for putting on such a special event!!!

Have a great day ~ Everyday!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Luckett's Spring Fair ~ part 2

Hello Loves!

My most favorite thing about this time of year is the Flea Markets and Yard Sales! I'm not ashamed to admit i am a die hard JUNKER :) ! And one event i particularly look forward to every year is the Luckett's Spring Fair.  the abundance of creativity is just oozing from every booth. I couldve just stayed all day admiring all the displays and chatting with my fellow bloggers.
 Ahhh it was a dream (ok that was a bit cheesy) but it was some kind a F U N!!

I took quite a handful of pics so i thought i'd spread them out into a couple of separate posts ~ really it took me 2 days for my brain to finally settle down from all the excitement, i didn't want to overload your brain too :)

Get ready to drool...

love big Industrial Letters ~ especially E

wow! if you needed Antique Ceiling tile this was the place!

anyone for an Olive Basket?

Her booth was so inviting the color palate chosen was just so soothing. Honestly i was surprised i was able to get a pic of that union jack dresser I thought for sure it would've been gone early~ it was all over blog land i couldn't wait to see it in person. Great Job, Christen your booth was fantastic!!

Lovely booth she traveled all the way from Raleigh, I she hope she comes back next year her booth was so refreshing. Def go check out her page to see her pics because by the time i reached her booth Alot was already gone!

Awesome Booth ~ She's a Big Fan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Gorgeous painted furniture and elegantly displayed vignettes. Im absolutely going to make it to their next big monthly warehouse sale in Hagerstown, Md!
beautifully done server repurposed into bathroom vanity

my mom, couldn't leave this booth without buying something, just had to pick up a bird topped cloche!

French Provencal painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

LOVED these! genius! A sea of handcrafted picture frames

sadly, I only snapped one pic of their booth. They also use ASCP and had such a feminine flare to their booth ~ very pretty
beautiful faux flower clips and embellished vintage bottles

for the final picture of today I'll leave you with a shot of
Miss Mustard Seeds phenomenal booth

keep in touch because i have one more Luckett's Spring fair post that i'll be doing later ~ told ya i took alot of pics!
Hope you have enjoyed yourself
Have a wonderful day ~ Everyday!!

Luckett's Spring Fair ~ part 1

Yes Yes Yes I was at Luckett's Spring Fair Last weekend!!!What a Fun Fun Fun day it had!!  It's Tuesday and my brain has finally calmed down from sensory overload! And boy do i have some pictures for you!  I'll try not to chit chat too much so you can just sit back and enjoy some visual stimulation! :)

French Vanilla
by Peg & Jon Van Dyne
Oh la la~ how I loved thee!
springs as urn fillers! Furniture coils as Vases!

Genius lightning and Killer Displays!!

my beautiful mom

gorgeous French furniture

nice feet

I really wanted needed this!  Yes I NEED it!
Dang I should've bought that French sofa!
Chic Vintage Fabulousness booth display by

Loved the antique bottles with the numbers
cute burlap wreath!

Perfectly nestled in the shade, such a sweet spot for a rest ~ except No One was resting that day!
It seemed everywhere I looked there were "E"'s
really wishing i would've got one

aw there i am in the mirror again
Wishes Thymes 3
 An abundant of Creativity bursting from this booth! too bad they don't have a blog ~ i'd love a daily dose of eye candy from them.

vintage bottles embellished with treasures and dripping with dried wax

lovely vignette

ya know im a sucker for lampshades and this one was right up my ally

Oh my Gosh ~ the FOOD!! I had the Best crabcake sandwich ever, A deliciously refreshing Blueberry Lemonade to wash it down. And have you tried a Fried Twinky??? Heaven in my Mouth!!! YUM!!

The entire day was just perfect. Everybody was just so overjoyed the positive energy was contagious. You couldn't help but to walk around with a smile on your face.  There was so much inspiration and creativity everywhere you looked.  thank you tof all the vendors for all your hard work and for filling my heart w/joy!  Thank you mother nature for blessing us with the most beautiful day. And thank you to my mom for Making more Luckett memories with me ~ you always make everything more special!

Enjoy your Day ~ Everyday!


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