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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Painted Floors

Hello Everyone!

My last post was all about layering.  And how adding different layers to a space makes it dynamic and pleasing to the eye. All this talk about layering i realized that i needed to add a couple of very important layers to my booth at A Unique House Antique Mall.
 First of all its time to address the floor! I've always thought that i would paint BIG diamonds in varied shades of white. But theres so many other painting techniques that are so pretty! I just can't decide. I've also always liked the look of sisal i think it gives the room a nice warm feel but it would make moving furniture a bit challenging.  So i'm going to stick with paint.
 Do any of these pictures tickle your fancy?

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Aside from the gorgeous floors don't you just LOVe that wall treatment??
Pinned Image
MY fav! Elizabeth Maxson! I've loved her and have followed her blog for years! Talk about layering she is the queen! I had the pleasure of visiting her shop in St.Louis and felt as if i were in a dream! She has the most spectacular displays.

painted floorPinned Image
Pinned ImagePinned Image

Can't believe I've been putting off the very first layer of design in my own Booth!  I'm very excited to get my paint brushes wet and transform my space.  Booth #33 is going to be so fabulous ( i just wish i could decide on a patten :) )!! I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I'm done. You can follow me on facebook for more updates.

Until then...

Have a enlightened day ~ everyday!

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It's All Connected said...

They're all great! Can't wait to see what you decide on for your booth! ~ Maureen


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