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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Revealing all the Layers

Hello my Friends!

I'd like to share with y'all the effects of layering.
 Such an important aspect of decorating. Without Layers your space would have no dimensions it would be very boring, plain, and probably feel "unfinished".  Layering is essentially what makes a space feel cozy, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and complete.  Its all about adding style and uniqueness making your space your own, a place that makes you feel relaxed.

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layered mirrors, glass pottery with iron and enamel the softness of the flowers and the sheer curtains, even layers inside the fireplace

  Did any of you watch Chistoper Lowell's show when it was on??? I do miss it~ I honestly learned so much from him. His style is not exactly how i decorate my home ~ ya know i prefer the chippy shabby Tattered vintage style, but the decorating elements that he taught me can be used in any design style. He makes decorating easy by just following his 7 LAYERS to create a room.  If you'd like to read a bit for yourself here is a link to his page. ~ I highly recommend  it he gives good useful information. And of coarse Nate always has fabulous tips and ideas. Another  good  site for some fantastic decorating tips is Check them out when you have time!

Layering is ohhh sooo very vital to a successful retail shop or antique mall booth or even to flea market displays. The more layers the more there is to look at which causes the eye to linger. By providing multiple Layers your creating a visually interesting display that can give a fabulous shopping experience for your "guest".  which its almost guaranteed they will frequent your shop often.  And hopefully in return bring in more sales. Shoppers want to be inspired enlightened and lots of eye candy.  Although its very important not to over layer too much can cause clutter and a cluttered space is never good.

 Notice the layers in this shop display?  There,s the chippy iron urn holding the delicate crystal chandy. the softness of the grain sack poofs piled 2 high, the glass lanterns filled w/natural elements. a Neutral rug that defines space. stacks of tattered books. Very pleasing to the eye the perfect mix of different textures
This is one of my fav displays because of the layering. Notice the leaves on the floor?  then your eye is brought upward towards the beautiful branches and then There is hidden treasures insides of everything! an inviting combination of a vary of items yet it doesn't seem cluttered.

  I like to update my home quite often. Sometimes I'll come across a cool piece at auction or where ever and instead of selling it right away I'll keep it till i get sick of it or till something else comes along. which means its time to play around with decorating. I love creating new vignettes in my home keeping my decor fresh. And If your in retail then you already know updating vignettes is a weekly event. Its amazing how when your treasure are rearranged how they can totally take on a new look!

I thought I'd share w/ y'all my layering technique while I'm redecorating the top of my Antique Hutch. Im using a softer look for the late spring summer. Im trying my hardest to stick with all white however i can never do that! I don't know why thats so hard for me but it did turn out very soothing and calm. Here is the before pics.
Notice the different textures ~ vintage books , glass bottles , ironstone pitchers, oil painting.  Even though this is the before there are already some layers involved.  I think this is pretty, But it seems kinda blaa huh? 

It sort of looks like i just stuck stuff on a shelf and doesn't seem very personalized. But get ready for this...

 Heres the after!... This is where i add linens, shells, handcrafted ragamuffin balls, Paper flowers, and  tattered lace. And then all of the sudden it comes to life!

 Simply by adding a few more touches, now my vignette is softer more pleasing to look at and more importantly its more me.
 I like the red Antique books stacked on either end i feel like it anchors the whole display.

The Ballerina oil painting is what prompted me to recreate a new display. I just love her, she's new to me (found at a estate sale) but def an oldie. The colors are beautifully matched with my blue mason jars and found sea glass.

It makes me happy to gaze up at all my collections. Your home is a reflection of you so spend some time on "you"and make your surrounding something to be proud of!  I hope this post has encouraged you to create beauty in your home.

Thanks for sticking around ( i know this was a long one!)

Have Fun Decorating!




Anonymous said...

Erica, Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to "share your flair" in such detail. What beautiful photos. Love the shops, and love what you did with your hutch. You're's much softer and more romantic. Keep up the beautiful work. We love your talent. The beauty you create is a blessing, encouragement, and inspiration. xxoo, Ann

Karen Shirlin said...

Great tips! I remember Christopher Lowell, that was before there were so many decorating shows on. I do refer back to his 7 layers strategies too! Your displays are beautiful. Love the retail shots too!
Karen @

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these tips and links...I will definitely check them out :) I'm a new follower and I'd be delighted if you could pop by my blog sometime too :)
Cas x


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