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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Halloween Mantel

Hello Friends!

It's Halloween Eve! Tomorrow is the big day. Its pure excitement around here, this is the first year I will actually have trick-or-treaters and boy are they in for a treat! Bah ah aha ah ah  ( that is my spooky laugh) Back in June we moved to to the mouth of Virginias northern Neck from Southern Maryland. Currently renting until I find my forever home so for the next year home is in a neighborhood, for the first time in my adult life. And honestly I couldn't wait until October this just might be the only Halloween that i'll get to participate, as I sure do miss living deep in the woods and having my privacy. So to all you Trick-or Treaters BEWARE!

Ok onto some spooky shop pics....

My Halloween Mantel

As you know I have the most awesome Mantel to decorate at Deep Creek Vintage. It gets refreshed with the change of every season or holiday so you'll probably be seeing a lot of blog post of Mantel D├ęcor.

This is the second set of Altered Vintage Apothecary Bottles that I've made this year the first batch disappeared!
Its a great craft project ~ I simply decoupage scrapbooking Halloween labels to the bottle fronts and even embellished a couple with festive trims.

Another craft project I did for Halloween are those cute crows on boxes.
Dollar store crows now boasting their party hats ~ (made from scrapbooking paper) Even the skull in the jar has his party tophat on!

 So Spooky!
Have you seen those pictures that change when you look at them from different angles? I've seen them at the dollar store but if you take them off of their plastic frames and put them into a real frame the spooky factor goes way up! they look like they could actually be someone from your family :)
The picture of the girl below is one of those zombie prints
Skull Princess
Paper bats added ~ I tried to make it appear like they were flying out of the fireplace.
Hope you enjoyed!
Next week my mantel will be transformed into a Shabby Vintage Christmas!
Have fun trick-or-treating
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1 comment:

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Awesome! I love all the details! And the bats really do look like they are flying right out of the fireplace!


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