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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lincoln's Hat China Cabinet

Hello Friends!

It's a beautiful rainy Sunday morning here in Virginia.  6 weeks  I would've said Southern Maryland instead of Virginia. Very happy to state that now I am a Virginian. Virginia is for lovers and I am in love with my new career venture at Deep Creek Vintage and I am in love with a fresh new start. I truly believe everything I falling into place exactly the way it should be. The only gripe I have is this tiny house were in, although I shouldn't complain there are good and bad things with everything. We are currently renting until we decide on a definite location and plus the whole "move" happened so fast we really didn't have time to find a permanent home.  As far as renting it was really slim Pickens. the majority of rental homes are just plain nasty I mean filthy, or the location was horrible, a couple we looked at were ok but didn't have a work space for me. The home were in now is in a decent neighborhood, it was very clean, and does have a nice size garage, guess I shouldn't complain but it is very small ~ my dining room table doesn't even fit! It reminds me of the townhouse I lived in when I first moved out at 20 yr old :) but like I said its only a rental and i'll be in my dream home soon enough!
Well enough of the personal mumbo jumbo now lets get on to some furniture...

This week one of the projects I completed is this super cute Vintage China Cabinet.
I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

 I used American Paint Company's Lincoln's Hat and Home Plate for the shelves. If you haven't had the opportunity to work with APC and would like to try this amazing Chalk/Clay/ Mineral based paint you can purchase it at Deep Creek Vintage or we also offer classes so you can get some one on one tips. you can get more info on the classes and paint ~ here.

A close up of the silver details. I love the way this turned out usually I highlight the details in white but the silver is a nice change.

and what's that?? Check out that gorgeous Green! Do you recognize it?
2013 PANTONE® Color Of The Year - Emerald

The chicken wire doors weren't planned. Originally this china cabinet had glass ... during our move one of the glass pieces broke. replacing the glass would have been an inexpensive fix but I was anxious to get it in the shop and honestly I love the chicken wire.
 talk about juxtaposing, the rustic chicken wire, the chic richness of the black, the modern graphic print, and the elegance of the silver trim, and the fun pop of color hidden in the drawers.... its the perfect mix.

And here it is already moved into my booth at A Unique House Antique Mall. If your local then you simply must come check it out in person!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful piece, Erica! Love the color and the detailing. I also love how you did the back of the cabinet.

DELETE said...

Beautiful piece! Love the color combo you chose :) Can I ask what you used for the print? Is that wallpaper? fabric? Scrapbook paper? I would love to know. Thanks.


kimberly said...

I would also like to know what you lined the back wall of the cabinet in? Please share what you used and the source for me to locate and purchase.

hatschina said...

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