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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Holiday Tree & Ive been FEATURED!!

Hello friends!

Started out as my tree topper~ was too heavy ended up as a one of a kind centerpiece.
Antique sheet music

Guess what!? My Vintage Suitcase Table has been Featured TWICE!
 A great big thank you to Amber and Brad From Shades of Amber for this great honor! Check out their blog it's full of fantastic Annie Sloan Chalk Paint projects

Shades of Amber

And also to Elizabeth and Co. for showcasing my work in their wonderfully inspiring weekly party! go check out their page for some delicious eye candy!

In the Past, Ive always had a real Christmas Tree, sometimes they are Huge and sometimes they look like a Charlie Brown tree but whatever their shape i love them just the same. This year i just couldn't fathom spending a ton of money on a real tree when i have all this house stuff to pay for before my home goes on the market ~ all too soon! So we got a little 5' tree. I though I'd be okay with that but once i got it home i realized it was simply just to short. So what better way to elevate it than putting on top of a vintage suitcase. LOVE IT!!

 I may just do this next year too. I think it looks so cute.

Most ornaments on the tree are handmade by me ~ the clear bulbs have endless possibilities of what they could be stuffed with. this year I had a Vintage Paper theme going on. I used a whole book of antique sheet music and quite a few of yellowed to perfection, vintage books.

my sons first handmade ornament ~ he glittered the heart ( and the floor)

Of coarse, I couldv'e kept adding ornaments but my mantra this Holiday is SIMPLE. For me this season less is better.

Thank you for sticking around and reading my little blog!
Happy Holidays everyone!

Paper Garland ~Thanks Kat's Kalamities!

Hello Friends
Happy New Year!

So Have ya'll been by to see Kat's Kalamities?  If not well then your missing out. Her Blog is just overflowing with inspirations and creative ideas, beautiful pictures and not to mention Katheryn is one of the sweetest bloggers I know ~ Always sends kind thoughful words my way that brighten my day everytime i read one of her comments! 

I just ohhh and ahhh'd over all of her holiday creations this year, she's so talented. One of my favorites is her rendition of the Paper Garland. If she lived closer to me i wouldv'e bought every single Garland she had but since she's in texas and im in Maryland I was left with having to make my own. But I had no idea how she put these together! And then much to my surprise i recieved an e-mail with exact instructions on how to make the Paper Garland from Katheryn herself! How incredibley awesome and so thoughtful to spend the time to send me step by step directions and to reveal all her secrets to me!! As you can imagine i couldn't wait to get started~ luckily i had all the supplies i needed so off to crafting i went!

I know Ive mentioned that i had a paper theme going on this year. I just love vintage emphaemera, I Love antique books and sheet music and can't seem to get enough of it.

I originally made these for my Holiday Decor but I'm pretty sure that they will be Incorporated in my displays year round.

 Just wait till tomorrow~ I will be posting my December Booth Pics and there are some paper garlands on display that are Fabulous! Ive sprinkled those with glitter and tucked them into my Christmas Tree ~ so pretty! or if ya can't wait, I know I put a pic on my facebook page.

Thank you so much Kat's Kalamities!!
And thank you to you all for sticking around!

Simply Sweet Felt Trees

Hello Friends!
Happy New Year!

I have a few more projects Ive done that I'd like to share with ya before this year is over.

Today i want to share with you these
Sweet Felt Trees

This year i was infatuated with trees mainly bottle brush trees but then i saw these felt trees on pinterest and fell in love!

Incredibly easy! Its as simple as cutting triangles out of felt and hot gluing them to a cone. I also randomly glued sparkly beads to resemble berries. And then i placed them atop some glass votive holders ~ perfect!
So simple yet so elegant ~ and really not that time consuming.

I think what makes these so special is the vintage bling Ive put as the tree toppers. An eclectic mixture of misfit jewelry and some rhinestone bling.

 Isn't this the cutest little Santa ever!? Its from Target I just couldn't resist!

Thank you for being here!
Have a Happy New Year

Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Decor in the Foyer and a mini tutorial

Hello Friends!

This years Holiday decor was simple and elegant. As I stated in my previous post my house will be up for sale ~next week~ so i wanted a very minimal decor. I think I probably only pulled out a quarter of my decorations this year.  Primarily a color palate of neutrals and sparkly silver glitter (that's a color right) With the exception of the foyer where there is splashes of Vintage Pinks.

My pink tree soften with a cream boa as garland and  a trio of handmade feather wings, and just a few other ornaments curtiosy of my sweet lil 2 year old that was very persistent about decorating the tree :)

One of my Christmas Crafts this year that i never got a chance to blog about

~  I love embellished bottles~

Here's a mini tutorial ... 
I decided to take some of the vintage bottles that Ive been collecting and give them a Tattered Elegance touch. I used Martha Stewart's glass stencils and some ASCP Duck Eggs blue and painted snowflakes all around the bottles and also painted a blue band around the top and the bottom then once dry I covered the paint with glittered decoupage then dipped in Epsom Salt for a bit of shimmer. I even stuffed white feathers in some of the bottles!  And Lastly I hot glued one of my bleached bottle brush trees on the top. I loved them so much they never made it to the shop although i plan to do more and save them for next years Tattered Elegance Holiday product line. What a beautiful way to display your antique bottle collection.

 Here is the landing on the steps. I am trying to go for  more of a winter theme instead of Christmas so i can leave it up a bit longer.
Its pretty simple I only added white roses garland with some greenery and some sparkly twigs on top of my dimply angles, a beaded tree and some antlers (which honestly somehow always make it into my seasonal vignettes)

The Foyer 

opps just noticed one section of the icicles must have fell!
Ive added 3 new glittery vintage inspired houses this year to my collection
 Bits of an artificial white tree that was destined for the burn pile founds its way on top of my Antique Victorian Sideboard right alongside a few chosen antique Christmas balls.

 Antique Putz Houses = <3
 I hope you've enjoyed my foyer and step landing,
 Tomorrow I'll be sharing my living room and sitting room hope to see you then! 
Happy Holidays,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Outdoor Winter Love

 Hello Friends!

 It's not really snowing here and well plus as you can see it doesn't snow under my covered porch :) But isn't that pretty! Ive been playing around with Picmonkey fun fun!
 My house is getting ready to go on the market so Im decorating very very light this year. Minimal is my mantra this season.

 I always fill up my outdoor planters with greenery for the winter ~ it keeps them pretty year round. filled with Holly, left over Christmas tree branches, and a pleasant surprise.  this year when i got out my artificial white tree it looked more like a yellow tree ! I tried to bleach it but all that did was cause the bristles to fall out so I ended up putting some of the branches in the outdoor pots and it looks dreamy!

 Simply Joy

Happy Holidays to all!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Booth Pictures

 Hello Friends!!

 I'm really late in the game ~ i Know with the Holiday Decorating ive got just a little in the shop now but im heading there later today to fill it up with Holiday Joy!

 Embellished Hats adorned with vintage doilies buttons fabric rosettes and bling~ make excellent gifts!

 The Booth is so very FULL

 Chalkboards in Antique Frames

 Lovely Paper Hat Ornaments

terrible pic they are all facing backwards! how did i not see that? I'll take better pics tomorrow. they really are so cute covered in book pages with feathers, buttons, glitter, rickrack, rhinestones and other baubles.

 I love the newly painted BLACK wall in my booth it adds so much drama and looks fabulous as a backdrop for white furniture.

The Washstand is Now on Sale only $60! It's got a surprise inside! i'll give ya a hint a bit of turquiose and toile! :)

This bench has been marked down 50% i believe its only $75.00

Have a Magical Day ~ Everyday!


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