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Thursday, June 16, 2011

feeeling a little green

So here i am ~ finally! I dont entirely feel like im a newbie cause ive sort of behind the scene for a long time now just observing and absorbing. but i feel like its time to start sharing my ideas and thoughts and hopefully inspire others just as i have been inspired by so many of you. i mean honestly i started feeling a bit guilty im just a taken taken taken but not giving . so here i am ready to do my part in Blogworld.

Ive been procrastinating for weeks on what my first post should be. Should i jump right into my before and afters, should i talk about my family, maybe share pics of my garden, or maybe some yummy dessert, ohh decisions decisions! enough already i can't put it off anymore so...Well here it goes...

I found this little beauty on a Saturday morning during a "drive by" on the way to the ball field. A drive by is what i call a yard sale that ya just drive by real slow cause it looks like its not worth stopping. Glad i was driving slow cause i might have missed her ~ she was hiding under some baby stuff. so i stoped and for pocket change i bought her and into the back of the truck she went.

As you can see she was a little sad looking with her boring brown color and the vernier was ruined on top and really not very exciting. But i knew right away she had potential.

So I decided to use my new fav paint ( atleast my fav for this week) Annie Slone's Chalk paint in  Antibes Green and a tad of Old White for the accents.  This is after the first coat and before i put on the white highlights. and as you can see already she looks better! 
So with another coat of paint and a little bit of white in the carved details and finally a coat of clear wax she looks FABULOUS!

Doesn't she just sparkle now!?!


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